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Cryptonym: AJAJA

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AJAJA was the cable indicator for CIA Near East Division.


CIA document: Research Aid: Cryptonyms and Terms in Declassified CIA Files Nazi War Crimes and Japanese Imperial Government Records Disclosure Acts: Page 9: ..."Term: AJAJA. Definition: Cable indicator for CIA Near East Division..." - - - Page 14: ..."Term: BKHERALD. Definition: Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)..." - - Page 38: ..."Term: LNBUZZ. Definition: US Government..." - - - Page 62: ..."Term: WODUAL. Definition: American or United States, but not US Government..."

104-10097-10045: EFFORT TO CONTACT

12/06/63: Cable from Mexico City to Director: Slugline PECTATE: "1. Michael C. Choaden (David Phillips) has received letter from PENUMBRA. FOLL is gist: 'I have been trying to find you for a long time but I have unfortunately not found out where you were until a few days ago when I met a friend called Alberto Slim (Choaden acquaintance) who had seen you in Mexico. The reason I want to find you is because I would like to find out if you are prepared to help me in the matter in which I got involved some years ago. You were right with me at the beginning of (PECTATE) and are certainly aware of all the facts more than anyone else. I have now for over a year been having terrible trouble and I was even blackmailed in trying to arrive at an amicable solution with the principals in Washington. However all the people involved have turned their back on me, and despite my repeated letters and telegrams to several of them I have not even had a reply. I somehow feel that you are not like them and that you will answer my request for finding an amicable settlement. However before I give you the details of the case and embarrass you with them, I would rather hear from you whether you would be prepared to take action or otherwise.' 2. Choaden will not answer for previous HQs instructions. PENUMBRA now aware Choaden official status MEXI and will undoubtedly continue seek contact if not visit MEXI seeking help. Request current HQs guidance. C/S Comment: *Action unit determined as though indicator AJAJA used."


12/13/63: Cable from JMWAVE to Director: Slugline RYBAT AJAJA PBRUMEN AMWEE: REF ANKA 4052 (IN 75887)* "1. AMWEE-1 reports current counselor Havana will not be sent to Argentina after all because that post just awarded to another person in payment of political debt. Position of counselor of embassy at Havana will be abolished as of 1 January 63. Embassy no longer sure whether SUBJ will be assigned Havana but possibly he may be sent eventually as first secretary. 2. FYI only: AMWEE (probably Czech sources and entities in Cuba) Foreign Ministry sent dispatch Havana early Dec authorizing use of Bahamas airlines plane to send courier to Nassau twice monthly but at same time requested HAVA Embassy keep open line to MEXI by sending courier there alternate weeks. AMWEE couriers going Nassau will have several days stayover Nassau whereas DIPS acting as couriers on MEXI runs usually return same day. AMWEE-1 feels in future AMWEE Embassy personnel will probably travel Nassau as often as to MEXI. 3. If SUBJ ref assignment firms, suggest encourage him contact OAC re obtaining reservation fly Nassau and from there to HAVA on weekly Bahamas airlines flight. If he receptive KUBARK (CIA) contact, arrangements can be worked out for short stopover Nassau enable WAVE CO meet and hold discussion with SUBJ ref. C/S Comment: *Re conversations with subject resulting in his willingness cooperate."


CIA document: Page 9: ..."REF CODE*: A. DOCUMENT DATE: 31/01/69. DOCUMENT SYMB. AND NUM.: HMMA-36365. ABST. TYPE: AD. ORIG. ROUTING: TSD/RE. SERIAL NUMBER AND/OR SUBJECT: AJAJA/PECHALK/AQUATIC (note: Office of Technical Security program that deployed a variety of intrusive techniques. Documented usage against Cuban diplomatic facilities in Mexico City)-Forwarding of SW Letter..."


10/17/69: Dispatch from COS, Mexico City to Chief, NE Division (Info: Chief, WH Division): Subject: AJAJA: "Under separate cover we are forwarding prints and a developed negative containing photographs of WATORSO-1 taken by the LIEMBRACE (note: A Mexico City-based surveillance project, under the umbrella LIPSTICK project. LIEMBRACE included a surveillance team, a radio repairman, and a phototruck team) surveillance team with a briefcase camera on 16 October 1969. (Signature) for John A. Probert (Jim Noland)."


03/17/75: Cable from Director to FR/New York: Slugline AJAJA FORRES Y: REF: FR/NEW YORK 30417 (IN 511214): "1. No additional HQs traces on Edgar Lemmens and Co. other than confirmation that it licensed dealer of arms located in Tirlemont, Belgium and that it imported from New York to Belgium a silent sub-machine gun which later showed up in Spain connected with Basque assassination. 2. Mitchell L. Werbell, III (201-259910) is partner of Defense Systems International Inc. of Powder Springs, Georgia, a licensed arms dealer. He born 8 Mar 1918, Philadelphia. HQs has lengthy 201 on Werbell who has long history popping up in areas and situations where can make few fast bucks. He characterized as unscrupulous, wheeler-dealer and promoter of grandiose schemes. He of operational interest in mid-1959 when became involved with anti-Castro plotters in Dominican Republic and offered provide BKHERALD (CIA) with info on revolutionary activities in Caribbean. He granted POA in August 1959 but this cancelled October 1959 when his info proved be of little value and it suspected that he using BKHERALD funds to promote personal interests. Ever since, BKHERALD has been disclaiming Werbell who has repeatedly attempted promote self as rep of LNBUZZ (U.S. Government) and BKHERALD. Since much of BKHERALD info on Werbell originates LNERGO (FBI), we suggest LNERGO rep/New York perform trace through his official channel. (Above info may not be passed foreign nationals because Werbell WODUAL (American or United States, but not US Government) citizen. 3. Only trace on Mitchell Werbell IV is that he also involved in father's arms business trade. He has had no connection with BKHERALD. 4. File: 201-918287."

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