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Cryptonym: AETOTALLY

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I suspect that AETOTALLY is the cryptonym given to Yuri Nosenko, KGB officer who defected to the United States in February 1964.
I have document, dated 16 February 1970, with the subject line "BERTOTALLY, Bruce A." While the memo does not name Nosenko, the details of his resettlement arrangements on p. 14 of the document match exactly with what is known about Nosenko. In addition, a CIA officer familiar with Nosenko's case confirmed to me that the document concerns Nosenko.

Memo dated 16 February 1970. From:Deputy Chief, Security Research Staff To: Files Subject, BERTOTALLY, Bruce A

The document was given to me by Malcolm Blunt. He, alas, did not provide a RIF sheet. The document has 19 pages. In the copy I have, two pages (pp 16 and 17) are missing.

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