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Cryptonym: AESMASH

Unknown identity. A cable from Mexico City on October 26, 1971, referred to the defection of AESMASH.
The defection was mentioned in the same paragraph as information about Vladimir Stepanovich Petrov (201-858287), a known KGB officer.

104-10218-10032: KOSTIKOV, VALERIY VLADIMIROVICH, 201-305052

10/26/71: Cable from Mexico City to Director: Slugline REDTOP AEKICK AESMASH: (Handwritten: Soviet Travel from Mexico): REF: DIRECTOR 194115: "1. Vladimir Stepanovich Petrov (201-858287), known KGB officer, departed Mexico with family on 13 August 71 on what presumed by station to be home leave, due his length of service in Mexico, and due fact our coverage Soviet installations gave no indications prior departure that preparations being made for PCS move, KDBADGER of 7 October 71, however, contained references to packing and shipment of Petrov's HHE. Station inclined believe non-return of Petrov linked with his possible involvement in Valink case (see Mexico City 17460 (IN 405813) and related traffic). While not connected AESMASH defection, reference poses possibility our suspicions valid and KGB feared flap potential in Petrov's continued presence in Mexico..."


03/20/72: Dispatch from COS, London to Chief, WOMUSE (Info: Chief, Soviet Bloc; Chief, European Division): Subject: REDLEG AESMASH - Anatoly Mikhaylovich Golitsyn (201-294855): "Attached herewith is a JAGUAR (MI-5) report of debriefing of AESMASH regarding the repercussions to the defection of Golitsyn. Phineas F. Slinkard." - - - Page 3: "Golitsyn defected during source's period of service with the K.G.B. Source heard about him from various K.G.B. officers but never met him and knew of him only by this name. Irian Teplianova however also knew of Golitsyn as Klimov. She heard his story when she visited her parents in Finland and, while there, she met Golitsyn's wife who called on her mother. 2. With regard to Golitsyn's defection, source said he had been told in London by both Konstantin Ivanovich Zotov, head of K.G.B. Branch 2 (Counter-Intelligence), and Sergey Mikhayolovich Golubev, the K.G.B. officer responsible for the S.K., that Golitsyn, whose job in Finland source described as 'Branch 2 or something', had clashed violently with his Resident in Helsinki..."

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