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An infiltration-exfiltration operation into difficult terrain in the Soviet Union.

104-10182-10057: WIROGUE, (VOL III).

In April 1959, AEASPIC (later WIROGUE-1) was recruited by the Frankfurt Station for a REDSOX operation. He was brought to the DOB (in the USA) via a HBRAINBOW flight. "Subject was trained in the AESENTINEL project for a black mission into the USSR as a member of a REDSOX team. This project was postponed for a year. In the interim, he was assigned to TSD (Technical Services Division), where he was employed at a covert site, involving the cataloguing of specific information from East German documents, and developing and/or improving tools and methods for picking locks. On 17 June 1960, it was decided that Project AESENTINEL would not be carried out."

104-10182-10069: CIA FILE ON WIROGUE.

During 1960, WIROGUE-1 was described as a suitable agent for AESENTINEL is described as "an infiltration-exfiltration operation into difficult terrain in the Soviet Union." The senior project officer at the time was C/DOD/DOB Perry Crookham. (At page 55): "early July 59-late Nov 1960...the AESENTINEL Project...was to be prepared and launched from the ZI (Zone of the Interior -the continental US - see https://www.med-dept.com/articles/ww2-military-hospitals-zone-of-interior/) by SR/DOB, a covert site ops base formerly in the District of Columbia...(in early July 1959 there was) several weeks of survival training in Alaska...(training was conducted in a Virginia safehouse) until the operation was placed on indefinite conservation and ultimately cancelled because of the Powers U-2 incident...(at page 56)...ELINT gear was to be used on AESENTINEL...(and) air infiltration-exfiltration techniques..."

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