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Cryptonym: AEROOT

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The declassified CIA Files on Nazi and Japanese Imperial Government war crimes stated that AEROOT was among a number of projects that were designed to strengthen resistance to communism and harrass the Soviet regime in the Baltic countries.
Aleks Kurgvel, Elmar Lipping, Romulus Mandel were associated with the AEBASIN/AEROOT (1953-60) Project. AEROOT-7 was Romulus Mandel.

A CIA document in July of 1972 stated that George Fill as Assessment, Herman Kimsey as Documents Instructor, and Arthur Lundahl as Photography were involved in the AEROOT project. Others involved included Dexter Charles P. Dexter (Case Officer), Bernard Edgecomb (Audio Surveillance), Donald Greer (Commo Officer), John Gregor (Log Officer), Richard Holt (Medical Officer), Clarence E. Howard (Case Officer), Hampton Howard (Firearms Instructor), Aleski Kurgvel (Contract - Native Consultant), Edward Malcomb (Medical Officer). There was a further two identities from the AEROOT project that were redacted.


CIA document: Research Aid: Cryptonyms and Terms in Declassified CIA Files Nazi War Crimes and Japanese Imperial Government Records Disclosure Acts: Page 8: ..."Term: AEROOT. Definition: AEFREEMAN (1953-64), which included AEBASIN/AEROOT (1953-60), AEFLAG (1955-62), and AEPOLE (formerly AECHAMP (1949-59)), was designed to strengthen resistance to communism and harrass the Soviet regime in the Baltic countries. AEBASIN/AEROOT supported Estonian emigres and émigré activities against the Estonian SSR. AEFLAG was aimed at people of the Latvian SSR. AEPOLE (formerly AECHAMP (formerly BGLAPIN)) targeted the Lithuanian SSR. These projects provided intelligence and operational data from Baltic countries through radio broadcasts, mailing operations, liaison with émigré organizations, political and psychological (PP) briefings for legal travelers and exploitation of other media such as demonstrations. Aleks Kurgvel, Elmar Lipping, Romulus Mandel associated with AEBASIN/AEROOT Project. Vilis Hazners associated with AEFLAG Project. Antanas Bernotas, Jouzas Brazaitis, Stasys Rastikis associated with AEPOLE Project. Alexandras Lileikis associated with AECHAMP Project. ILgvars Skaistlauks considered for possible use on AECHAMP Project. AEROOT-7: Cryptonym for Romulus Mandel..."


07/26/72: CIA document: "NAME: Charles P. Dexter. PROJECT: AEROOT or CAMBARO. FUNCTION: Case Officer; Bernard Edgecomb, AEROOT, Audio Surveillance; John Feily, CAMBARO, Photo Instructor; John Fible, CAMBARO, Photo Instructor; George Fill, AEROOT, Assessment; Donald Greer, AEROOT, Commo Officer; John Gregor, AEROOT, CAMBARO, Log Officer; Fred Henderson, CAMBARO, Project Officer; Richard Holt, AEROOT, Medical Officer; Clarence E. Howard, AEROOT, Case Officer; Hampton Howard, AEROOT, Firearms Instructor; Herman Kinsey, AEROOT, CAMBARO, Documents Instructor; Aleski Kurgvel (Contract), AEROOT, Native Consultant; (REDACTION), AEROOT, CAMBARO, SW Instructor; Demitri Levitsky (Contract), CAMBARO, Native Consultant; Arthur Lundahl, AEROOT, Photography; Edward Malcomb, AEROOT, Medical Officer; (REDACTION), AEROOT, Judo Instructor; George Matecko, CAMBARO, Airborne Training." - - - June 27, 2023 release: https://www.archives.gov/files/research/jfk/releases/2023/104-10120-10381.pdf

Gavin McDonald

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