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Cryptonym: AEQUALITY

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Stanislaus Sergeyevich Silnikov. A CIA document on September 20, 1966, stated that Silnikov was AEQUALITY, Soviet Embassy administrative officer in Mexico City.
The same document mentioned that LICOWL-1 was an access agent to AEQUALITY.


02/14/66: Memorandum for the record from Oronsky: Subject: LICOWL-1: "1. I met Subject on Friday, 11 February at 1900 hours. The meeting was a very short one since I only wanted to determine if he had found a girl for Silnikov to 'paint.' He said he was still looking. 2. The boy who watches Subject's store at night did not show up on 7 February and Subject was forced to sleep above the store himself. At 0300 hours on Tuesday (8 February) he was awakened by the noise of a car horn and looked from the window to see Valentin S. Loginov and Vladislav S. Kormushkin blowing the horn of their car in the driveway of the Embassy. Both Soviets were drunk and were yelling for the gate guard (who happened to be Silnikov) to open the gate for them. They were driving car 337-D (Leonov's) or 336-D (Kormushkin's). Subject returned to his bed and did not see them leave the Embassy..."

104-10218-10032: KOSTIKOV, VALERIY VLADIMIROVICH, 201-305052

04/12/66: Cable from Mexico City: Slugline REDWOOD: "LICOWL-1 reports that on 2 Apr Sov Emb guard Stanislav Sergeyevich Silnikov 201-271103 told him that vitality Borisovich Oleg Maxsimovich Nechiporenko 201-305870 and Valeriy Vladimirovich Kostikov 201-305052 would also be going to Chile."

104-10187-10026: (ASSET) PRODUCTION, VOL. I.

09/20/66: HMMA-30151: "LIEMPTY/LIMITED/LILYRIC photo coverage was of value in late 1966 in accessing the motivation and integrity of LICOWL-1, access agent to Stanislaus Sergeyevich Silnikov (AEQUALITY), Soviet Embassy Administrative officer in September, 1966..."


09/27/66: Dispatch from COS, Mexico City to Chief, SB Division (Info: Chief, WH Division): Subject: KAPOK/REDTOP/LCIMPROVE/LICOWL-1 Progress Report: "1. March to July 1966: The following items of significance occurred during this period: a. AEQUALITY-1: LICOWL-1 (Subject) continued to report frequent meetings with AEQUALITY-1. AEQUALITY-1 sporadically would ask Subject to get him a woman, discuss houses of prostitution, ask for pornographic material, etc. But this was done with much less frequency than previously reported: AEQUALITY-1 never once persisted or followed up on a request of this nature and, in fact, nothing happened. AEQUALITY-1 continued to call Subject regularly at the latter's store (3 to 5 times a week) usually to ask for a beer or soft drink to be sent over. These calls ended abruptly on 11 June (LIENVOY) possibly in connection with AEQUALITY-1's taking over the job as Embassy Administrative Officer. During June AEQUALITY-1 told Subject several times that he was in the process of taking over the job as administrative officer at the Embassy. (COMMENT: per LILYRIC AEQUALITY-1 stopped taking gate duty and Kalygin, the former Administrative Officer, started in). On 24 June AEQUALITY-1 told Subject that he was now 'officially' the Administrative officer. On 1 July AEQUALITY-1 and his family moved into quarters inside the Embassy per Subject and LILYRIC. (COMMENT: The Administrative Officer has always lived inside the Embassy)..."


12/10/66: Memorandum from William V. Broe, Chief, Western Hemisphere Division to Deputy Director for Plans: Subject: LIEMPTY Project Renewal: Page 2: ..."5. One development which may affect the security of the LIEMPTY basehouses of LIMITED and LILYRIC occurred in mid-1966 when LICOWL-1 (who owns a small store near the Soviet Embassy) reported that a Soviet official, AEQUALITY-1, had approached him and requested him to inform on his neighbors. Reportedly the Soviet named LIEMPTY-6 (of the LIMITED basehouse) by name and also indicated all the tenants (unnamed) of the new building which now houses LILYRIC. The Soviet pinpointed the building by saying the one being built by a person who fit perfectly the description of LIMOUSINE. LICOWL-1 did not indicate that the Soviet reflected any interest in LIMOUSINE. The occupants of the LILYRIC basehouse were not mentioned...LICOWL-1 also listed several persons named by the Soviet who had no connection whatsoever with CIA. 6. The Station instructed LICOWL-1 not to become an informant on his neighbors. According to LICOWL-1, he therefore told AEQUALITY-1 he did not have time to collect the information the Soviet wanted. However, in view of the lies LICOWL-1 has been caught in, it is difficult to assess exactly what the Soviets asked of LICOWL-1 and just what LICOWL-1 may have told the Soviets. The Station is still looking into this development. 7. WHD recommends renewal of this Project."


04/17/67: Extract from a memorandum by Francis J. Coigne: "4. AEKITE: Subject reported that AEKITE was in the store from 1200 to 1215 on 14 April. AEKITE told him he would come to Subject's home on Sunday, 23 April, for dinner. AEQUALITY came in later and Subject related the above to him. AEQUALITY suggested that Subject call AEKITE at the Embassy on 22 April to confirm the dinner so that Subject would not waste money by preparing a dinner to which AEKITE did not come. I told Subject to call AEKITE on 21 April since 22 April is a Saturday and AEKITE might not be at work. (COMMENT: There was no call on LIENVOY)..."


05/23/67: Dispatch from COS, Mexico City to Chief, WHD: Subject: Project LIEMPTY/Progress Report for the period 1 February through 30 April 1967: Page 2: "4. There were no known security incidents during the period covered in this report. As a precautionary measure, the LIEMPTY basehouse keepers were instructed to maintain increase vigilance in their respective areas and buildings and to be prepared to evacuate any incriminating equipment and papers on a moment's notice. This was done because of the renewed interest in the assassination of President Kennedy which in turn brought forth comments in the press about photographs taken of Oswald during his visit to Mexico...LIMITED: 8. LIEMPTY-6, the operator of the LIMITED basehouse, provided 684 frames of operational photographs during the three month period. LIEMPTY-6 also spent a great deal of time alerting for the LIEMBRACE surveillance team during this period because of the AEQUALITY-1 operation..."


04/17/71: Memorandum from Chief, Western Hemisphere Division to Assistant Deputy Director for Plans: Page 9: "There was one indication that the Soviets were seeking out the LIMITED photo basehouse and may have had suspicions concerning LIEMPTY-6. This was a report by KDADAGE-10 that in mid-1966 Stanislav Sergeyevoch Silnikov (201-271103), a Soviet Embassy guard, asked KDADAGE-10 to report on his neighbors near the Soviet Embassy. Silnikov expressed interest in all of the occupants of the new apartment building which houses the KDABSINTHE photo basehouse, but did not mention the KDABSINTHE basehouse keepers by name. Silnikov did name specific persons he was interested in and these included LIEMPTY-6. KDADAGE-10, of unknown reliability, said he did not give Silnikov any information, but added that, between himself and the Station, he suspected LIEMPTY-6 and had heard it rumored he worked for the Americans. In 1966 Headquarters already assumed the Soviets were aware of the LIMITED basehouse because it was used for radio direction of the LIENTRAP mobile surveillance. In any case, the Soviets apparently took no action prior to the closing of the LIMITED basehouse and the relocation of LIEMPTY-6 in May 1968. It is believed this incident has no implications that would threaten the security of current KDFACTOR assets..."

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