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Cryptonym: AEPOLE-25

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Unknown identity. The declassified CIA Files on Nazi and Japanese Imperial Government war crimes stated that the AEPOLE-1 organization was a Lithuanian émigré organization in West Germany.
The AEPOLE-1 organization was possibly the VLIK (Supreme Committee for Lithuanian Liberation), a Lithuanian émigré organization. AEPOLE was formerly known as AECHAMP (1949-59), and before that as BGLAPIN. AEPOLE targeted the Lithuanian SSR. In addition, AEPOLE-5 was the cryptonym for Stasys Rastikis, and AEPOLE-8 was the cryptonym for Jouzas Brazaitis. In terms of AEPOLE-25, he was mentioned in WIROGUE files in relation to the HARVARD Project (note: HARVARD - 1951-65 - was designed initially to provide safehouse and operational aid facilities for CIA activities in Germany. In 1952, the HARVARD mission was expanded to include the rehabilitation and resettlement of defectors, agents, and agent-trainees). AEPOLE-25 had links to West Germany, and his children were apparently living in the USSR in 1963.


CIA document: Research Aid: Cryptonyms and Terms in Declassified CIA Files Nazi War Crimes and Japanese Imperial Government Records Disclosure Acts: Page 7: "Term: AEPOLE. Definition: AEFREEMAN (1953-64), which included AEBASIN/AEROOT (1953-60), AEFLAG (1955-62), and AEPOLE (formerly AECHAMP (1949-59)), was designed to strengthen resistance to communism and harrass the Soviet regime in the Baltic countries. AEBASIN/AEROOT supported Estonian emigres and émigré activities aganist the Estonian SSR. AEFLAG was aimed at people of the Latvian SSR. AEPOLE (formerly AECHAMP (formerly BGLAPIN)) targeted the Lithuanian SSR. These projects provided intelligence and operational data from Baltic countries through radio broadcasts, mailing operations, liaison with émigré organizations, political and psychological (PP) briefings for legal travelers and exploitation of other media such as demonstrations. Aleks Kurgvel, Elmar Lipping, Romulus Mandel associated with AEBASIN/AEROOT Project. Vilis Hazners associated with AEFLAG Project. Antanas Bernotas, Jouzas Brazaitis, Stasys Rastikis associated with AEPOLE Project. Alexandras Lileikis associated with AECHAMP Project. ILgvars Skaistlauks considered for possible use on AECHAMP Project. AEPOLE-1 organization: Lithuanian émigré organization in West Germany. AEPOLE-5: Cryptonym for Stasys Rastikis. AEPOLE-8: Cryptonym for Jouzas Brazaitis..."


05/12/55: AEPOLE Project Outline (Pages 7-21): Page 8 onward: "1. OBJECTIVE: a. To preserve the feeling of national identity of the Lithuanian people; b. To maintain and foster among the Lithuanian people an attitude of irreconcilability toward the communist regime; c. To maintain and strengthen the pro-Western orientation of the Lithuanian people...3. SITUATION...CIA has been in contact and in association with the Lithuanian émigré organization VLIK (Supreme Committee for Lithuanian Liberation), currently based in Germany, since 1949. The organization was selected at that time both for its contact with Lithuania and because of its prominence among Lithuanian emigres. VLIK has in the past assisted in the spotting and recruiting of agents for infiltration into Lithuania. The organization is no longer engaged in this activity directly, but it continues to lend its prestige to certain penetration operations and is very active in various propaganda and informational activities directed against the USSR...Present VLIK radio outlets include Radio Rome, Radio Vatican and Radio Madrid...b. Key Personnel: (1) The Chairman of VLIK's Executive Committee now located in Germany is AEPOLE/6...(2) AEPOLE/10, a covert associate, is employed under contract in the Washington area. He is now a citizen of the US. He is engaged in preparation of data and material in support of PP activities and VLIK broadcasts. (3) The Director of VLIK's Psychological and Political Warfare program was until 1 May 1955 AEPOLE/7, a contract agent employed in Germany...(4) Chief editor of the VLIK Radio Section to be employed in Germany is AEPOLE/14. Operational clearance has been obtained for him, and it is contemplated to employ him as a contract agent. He will depart for Germany with his wife and household effects for two years PCS on or about 1 July 1955..."


06/13/61: Dispatch from Withheld to Chief, SR (Info: Chief, WE) (Attn: Italian Branch): Subject: REDWOOD/AEPOLE/Operational Stasys Zymantas-Zakevicius (REDACTION): "1. Subject is: Zymantas-Zakevicius, Stasys, Lithuanian national, born on 22 April 1908, of Lithuanian parents in Kiev, USSR, currently residing at 120 S. Magnolia Avenue, Los Angeles 6, California. (Of operational interest in connection with the AEPOLE/29 radio program). Subject has been collaborating for the past two years with AEPOLE/29 in writing scripts for the AEPOLE/29 radio program and is paid with KUBARK (CIA) funds allotted in the quarterly payments made to AEPOLE/29. He receives $5.00 for each script presented. AEPOLE/29 claims that he brought Subject to the attention of Weisgerber when the latter was in Rome during the ZRDANCE period. 2. Attached is a curriculum vitae of Subject prepared by AEPOLE/29. 3. At AEPOLE/29's suggestion Subject has prepared in Lithuanian a memorandum outlining his suggestions for improving the radio program being conducted locally by AEPOLE/29. AEPOLE/29 apologizes for not having translated the memorandum hoping that someone at Headquarters would know the language and provide the necessary translation. 4. Headquarters traces on Subject would be appreciated. 5. (REDACTION) traces: (REDACTION)."


09/21/61: Memorandum from Chief, SR Division to Chief, DDP/PG: Subject: Renewal of Projects AEPOLE, AEFLAG and AEBASIN: "1. Projects AEPOLE, AEFLAG and AEBASIN, which cover unified CA activities directed into Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, are submitted herewith for renewal for the period 1 July 1961 to 30 June 1962..." - - - Page 7 onward: "PROJECT AEPOLE RENEWAL...b. Changes. Personnel: The contract with AEPOLE/4, chairman of the Committee for a Free Lithuania, has been terminated...He has been retained, however, in a consultative status. AEPOLE/36, editor of a Lithuanian language newspaper, has been recruited as a consultant on Lithuanian affairs and a REDSKIN (CIA source program based in legal travelers to the Iron Curtain countries) spotter. He is also expected to be instrumental in SR/2/Baltic efforts to effect a united Baltic approach in anti-Soviet propaganda programs...AEPOLE/33, an executive of the American Lithuanian Council, was recruited as a consultant on Lithuanian affairs...AEPOLE/34, an officer of the Lithuanian Student Association, was recruited as a support asset for AEPOLE...(2) AEPOLE/33 and AEPOLE/36 were briefed before participating in a general meeting in Washington of the Lithuanian emigration...The same two assets, as well as AEPOLE/24 and AEPOLE/4 agreed to the participation of their organizations in a coordinated Baltic propaganda program. (3) The beginnings of a series of contacts between Lithuanian students and Afro-Asians studying in the US were effected largely through the efforts of AEPOLE/34, who was also instrumental in having a lead editorial on Soviet colonialism published in a leading Lithuanian student magazine...(5) AEPOLE/24 began publication of a Spanish-language (Unintelligible) (Lithuanian Telegraph Agency News) Bulletin...(1) Personnel...(b) Resettlement of AEPOLE/25: $2,000.00..."

104-10182-10069: CIA FILE ON WIROGUE.

05/01 - 05/31/63: HARVARD: SUMMARY OF RESETTLEMENT ACTIVITY: Page 3: ..."C. Former Agent Resettlement Cases Requiring HARVARD Action During The Reporting Period: AEPOLE-25: HARVARD continues to assist Subject in his efforts to establish, for West German income tax purposes, that he has helped contribute to the support of his ex-wife living in the USSR..." - - - HARVARD: HARVARD (1951-65) was designed initially to provide safehouse and operational aid facilities for CIA activities in Germany. In 1952, the HARVARD mission was expanded to include the rehabilitation and resettlement of defectors, agents, and agent-trainees.

104-10182-10069: CIA FILE ON WIROGUE.

09/01 - 09/30/63: HARVARD: SUMMARY OF RESETTLEMENT ACTIVITY: Page 3: ..."C. Former Agent Resettlement Cases Requiring HARVARD Action During Reporting Period...AEPOLE-25: Additional correspondence has been exchanged with Subject in connection with his attempting to establish with FEDREP authorities that he contributes to the support of his children living in the USSR."

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