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Cryptonym: AELADLE

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Anatoliy Golitsyn, a Soviet defector prized by CIA CounterIntelligence head James Angleton. Also known by the alias John Stone. The French intelligence agency SDECE called him MARTEL.
Golitsyn was highly skeptical of the bona fides of another defector, Yuri Nosenko, and thus he became part of the internal CIA struggle over Nosenko's veracity. https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=23304#relPageId=2&tab=page: AELADLE as John Stone.

CIA Family Jewels p.28: CIA "Family Jewels," June 25, 2007 Release

The so-called "family jewels" documents released in 2007 contain a page with section header "AELADLE" which discusses Golitsyn.


SDECE's code for Golitsyn was MARTEL.

Cold Warrior, by Tom Mangold, p.140

from the book: Angleton revealed to Bryhn the existence of AELADLE (Golitsyn). He said that the defector had brought evidence of a serious Soviet...


This CIA record shows directly the assignment of the cryptonym AELADLE to Golitsyn.

Passport to Assassination, by Oleg Nechiporenko, p. 243

from the book: Anatoly Golitsyn, who was assigned the code name AELADLE and "John Stone" by American intelligence...


This is one of multiple sections of Golitsyn's CIA 201 file

180-10111-10051: [No Title]

Re 1961-1964 period: Interview with Donald Deneslya by HSCA staffer James Kelly, 9/24/78: "(Golitsyn's) principal handler was a Colonel Leonard Weigner, a foreign-born agent whose parents had come out of Russia through Manchuria. Weinger had been in Air Force Intelligence...Weigner seemed to get along very well with (Golitsyn). Others who knew him at the time were Howard Osborne, now retired; REDACTED Dave Murphy (after 1963); John McMahon, a side-kick to Weigner out of SR-CI and Tennant Bagley, aka "Pete" Bagley, who was head of Counter Intelligence in the Soviet Russia Division...(at p. 6) Deneslya told the writer that a (Charles Bohrer), a CIA doctor, was the case officer for (Golitsyn). Bohrer was a psychiatrist...(at p. 7) When Donald first came into the CIA he was working at the Foreign Documents Division. Among the various documents that came across his desk were contact reports which filtered in from the many contact divisions which the Agency had around the world. One in particular...concerned an American re-defector, an ex-Marine, who would be returning to the US 'with his family'. This ex-Marine had worked in Minsk in a radio factory...He was certain they were talking about Lee Oswald. Deseslya said we could find this report probably in the Industrial Registry for the radio factory in Minsk. He said there was only one radio factory in Minsk..."

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