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Cryptonym: AEGUSTO

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Yuriy Loginov, a KGB officer who became an in-place double agent for the CIA.

Cold Warrior, by Tom Mangold, p.22

from the book: Loginov's formal CIA codename was "AEGUSTO."

Mary Ferrell Database entry for: Yuriy Longinov [sic]

David Wise, Molehunt, pp. 230-231: https://archive.org/details/molehuntsecretse00wise/page/230/mode/2up?q=kisevalter&view=theater

1967: "According to (CIA notable spy, Pyotr Popov's case officer) George Keisvalter, Angleton was the key figure in arranging the trade of (Yuri) Loginov. 'Angleton decided he was a plant and engineered the swap with the East Germans to release the West Germans in return for Loginov, who was then given back to the Soviets'."

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