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Cryptonym: AEGRIP

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AEGRIP was the cryptonym for the Soviet Military Intelligence Directorate.


CIA document: Research Aid: Cryptonyms and Terms in Declassified CIA Files Nazi War Crimes and Japanese Imperial Government Records Disclosure Acts: Page 5: ..."Term: AEGRIP. Definition: Soviet Military Intelligence Directorate..."


03/14/69: Dispatch from COS, Mexico City to Chief, WH Division: Subject: LIEMPTY Project Renewal Request: Page 147: ..."As a specific example of the importance of LILYRIC coverage, it was LILYRIC photos which made possible the identification of a WOLADY (American or United States, but not US government) citizen who had been in clandestine contact with an AEGRIP officer. This information was turned over to LNERGO (FBI, used during the late 60s and 70s), which was pursuing the case..."


11/18/69: Dispatch from COS, Mexico City to Chief, WH Division (Info: Chief, SB Division): Subject: LIEMPTY Progress Report, 1 January - 31 October 1969: Page 3: ..."COMMENTS: 9. LIEMPTY coverage of the MHHARSH installation continues to be a useful tool in the Station's operations against the MHHARSH target. One IA in the Station spends several hours per week processing the take, keeping mug book and files up to date, checking the information in the logs against other reports when required (to determine whether or not an agent or contact entered the MHHARSH installation as claimed; or whether an AEGRIP or AEKICK (the KGB, Soviet Committee for State Security) officer was out of the installation at a particular time, etc) and analyzing the LICALLA production for insight into personal relationships..."

104-10218-10032: KOSTIKOV, VALERIY VLADIMIROVICH, 201-305052

02/26/70: Cable: Slugline RYBAT REDTOP AEMIDRIFF FJPASTIME: REF: MEXICO CITY 2557 (IN 031735): "1. Per ref, AEMIDRIFF continued review of photos with HQs debriefer and LITEMPO-14. Review of 83 photos (including wives) during 20 and 21 February sessions provides following highlights in addition to other information which was already known: Valentin Bakulin: Chief of one of AEGRIP sections. Experience in Latin America from prior tours Brazil and Argentina. Lev Golouzov: Works under Bakulin (which tends confirm AEGRIP status previously suspected). While drunk and nasty, informed AEMIDRIFF she being sent home. Sergey Provorov: Works under Bakulin. AEGRIP...Vladimir Makarov: Not certain, but probably AEGRIP. However, frequently accompanies Bolshakov. Appears cold and cruel..."


07/27/70: Dispatch from COS, Withheld to Chief, SB Division (Info: Chief, WH Division): Subject: REDTOP AEGRIP Yurify Dmitriyevich Bulygin (201-732764): "...2...Per AEMIDRIFF information, coupled with information available in Station files, it is believed that Subject of 201-261813 possibly functions as one of the Deputy Rezidents of the AEGRIP Rezidentura in Mexico City. It is probable that Subject of 201-261813 was the Mexico City AEGRIP case officer in this particular case. Subject's other contacts were Subjects of 201-850177 and 201-844388, both identified by AEMIDRIFF as AEGRIP officers, and possibly could have been involved in the case as support officers. Subject was also in contact with Subject of 201-814235, who is an AEGRIP officer...Grace H. Farmilant."


06/24/71: Cable: Slugline REDTOP AEGRIP AEKICK BIOGENESIS: "1. BIBAFFLE travel controls report the home leave departure of (REDACTION) and his wife (REDACTION) on 23 June 71. Aboard same flight was (REDACTION). According to BIBAFFLE-18 all have reentry visas and will return. 2. File: 201-236071 and 201-025485."

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