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Cryptonym: AEFILTER

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The ARRB believed that AEFILTER was the cryptonym for Piotr Deriabin - aka Peter Deryabin.
Piotr Deriabin probably also had the cryptonym of AEDIPPER-20.


ARRB document: Research and Analysis: Acronyms/Abbreviations/Crypts/Organizations Identification Aid: Page 2: ..."AEFILTER: CIA crypt for Deryabin."


03/26/54: CIA document: Source: AEFILTER-2.


09/21/54: Memorandum from Withheld, SR/DR to Chief, SR (Through: SR/COP): Subject: Use of DOB Facilities by SR/DR: "1. The present marks a turning-point in the handling of the defectors under the control of SR/DR. AEFILTER-1 has been released from custody and protection in a safehouse, and is being settled in the domestic society and economy. AEFILTER-2 has been transferred from one safehouse to another, where he will be kept until he has acquired sufficient English to enable him to be established in the manner of AEFILTER-1. Both defectors have volunteered their gratitude for the manner in which they have been received and interviewed. 2. Debriefings of the two AEFILTERs have been in progress in the safehouses since the end of February 1954. During that time, approximately 7,500 pages of reports have been produced, approximately 200 CS and CSDB reports disseminated, 3,000 Soviet and foreign nationals described or identified, and a history of the NKVD-NKGB-MGB-MVD prepared in draft form. Information such as this could not have been 'bought' at any price, and has contributed significantly and uniquely to the records and operational potential of CIA. The debriefings could not have been accomplished as thoroughly and as rapidly as they have been if the DOB (Domestic Operations Base) facilities used had not been available, and the specialized DD/P personnel made available for the handling of the debriefings. 3. Intelligence and consultative exploitation of both AEFILTERs will continue through the better part of 1955, after which time their continued usefulness to DD/P should be reviewed..."


06/25/66: AEACRE Project Outline for Year 1 July 1955 - 30 June 1956: Area Division: SR. Station: Domestic Operations Base: Page 4: ..."Support for the AEFILTER Project was implemented on less than one week's notice, stringent security considerations which apparently were not available either in the Security Office or OO Contacts Division notwithstanding..." - - - Page 7: ..."During the course of FY 1956 it is planned to scale down DOB (Domestic Operations Base) from its present capability of supporting seven REDSOX (illegal operations mounted into the USSR) units to three REDSOX training units plus one AEFILTER type sensitive hi-level defector..."

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