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Oleg Penkovsky


Re 1959, see this 12/5/66 memo (page 2 of 14:): "An AEDAZZLE report (of 1959 states that William Martin and Bernon Mitchell) were under KGB development for some time for defection and defected because of some impending danger that would have led to their detection. (p. 4 of 14): "AEDAZZLE's remarks are almost worthless because not pinned down; he had heard they brought some useful material with them "but not so important and not very much...used more for political advantage, i.e. propaganda...they didn't have wide possibilities...but of course they did a lot of damage...but not so much...not an enormous amount."


Prior to September 1959: "This would have been when (William Martin and Bernon Mitchell) decided to defect, according to their statement at the Moscow press conference at which they were surfaced. However, this statement may conflict with an AEDAZZLE report that they were under KGB development for some time before defection and defected because of some impending danger that would have led to their defection." Actual defection occurred during June 1960. Settled in USSR. (p. 12) At a September 1960 press conference in Moscow, they revealed that the NSA spied on its allies and well as communist countries.


May 1960: (page 10 of 20), Report from Leeds, 4/24/61: "I was the duty officer (on May 1, 1960)...in came the communication saying that an American pilot had been taken into custody from a knocked-down U-2...When Powers was flying near Sverdlovsk, the poor fellow had the misfortune of running into a battalion of V-75s. No direct hits were made, but only a slight hit to the tail and wing assembly. The damaged parts were not shown at the Moscow exhibition and your intelligence personnel should have spotted that...as a result of the shock wave from the explosion, the plane was damaged..."


1961-1964: "Resume of the Penkovskiy operation...In April 1961, Penkovskiy succeeded in making contact in Moscow with the British businessman, Greville Wynne, with whom he was already acquainted from previous trips to Moscow by Wynne. Through Wynne, Penkovskiy passed to MI-6 documents and notice of his forthcoming trip to London in April...the operation came to an end when Wynne was arrested in Hungary and Richard Jacob, of the CIA station...was apprehended at the scene on 2 November 1962. In May 1963 a public trial was held in Moscow, followed by an announcement of Penkovskiy's execution and Wynne's imprisonment. Wynne was released on 22 April 1964, in exchange for a KGB illegal jailed in England..."

104-10413-10306: FILE: KORNILOV, MOSKALEV, ET AL

May-June 1961: Source of information: AEDAZZLE-1 (marginalia: "Penkovsky" - a refeernce to Oleg Penkovsky - named again at page 25 of 91 - the FBI called him HERO) doi (date of information) 1961, identified photo (not by name, nor was name supplied) as that of Col. Yuri Moskaleviy, Air Force Col. and GRU officer in Information Directorate of GRU who attended a meeting in London on May or June 1961.",

180-10141-10488: No Title

"Dr. Alexis Davison was the US embassy physician in Moscow from May 1961 to May 1963. In May 1963 he was expelled from the Soviet Union in connection with the Penkovsky spy case. After the assassination of President Kennedy, it was discovered that the name of Dr. Davison's mother, Mrs. Hal Davison, and her Atlanta address was in Oswald's address book under the heading of "US embassy doctor"...It was also discovered that the flight which Oswald, his wife, and child took from New York to Dallas on June 14, 1962 had stopped in Atlanta. REDACTION. It has been alleged that Dr. Davison was Oswald's intelligence contact in Mosdow, and that Oswald visited Dr. Davison's mother in Atlanta during his layover there."

Church Committee: Book I - Foreign and Military Intelligence Current Section: B. The Dulles Era: 1953--1961

"A final element contributed to the Agency's estimative capacity: material supplied by Oleg Penkovsky. Well-placed in Soviet military circles, Penkovsky turned over a number of classified documents related to Soviet strategic planning and capabilities. These three factors - technological breakthrough, analytic innovation, and the single most valuable Soviet agent in history - converged to make the Agency the most reliable source of intelligence on Soviet strategic capabilities in the government."


Re November 1962 - see Steve Parks, Baltimore Sun, 11/21/76: "Just before the couple left the Soviet Union, Marina was examined by the American Embassy doctor, an Air Force flight surgeon, Capt. Alexis Davison. Five months after the Oswalds' train left Moscow, Russian authorities arrested Col. Oleg Penkovsky and charged him with spying for both US and British intelligence. The colonel was one of the best insiders the West ever had. Among the data he accessed were the number, megatonnage, range and location of Soviet missiles, information that was to give President Kennedy a peek at his adversary's hand in the Cuban missile showdown. Seven months after his arrest, Col. Penkovsky got a four-day trial, at the conclusion of which he was shot. He had named eight of his Western contacts, one of which was Captain Davison, who left the country the day before Penkovsky's trial. Oswald, whatever his mission in the Soviet Union, left Moscow by train June 1, 1962."

124-10193-10031: [RESTRICTED]

1963: "The KGB believes that Penkovskiy's disclosures regarding nuclear missile silo shafts and their locations were the most damaging items of information he passed on to the Americans and British...before he was executed (Penkovskiy) admitted that he had made many mistakes. He asked for leniency in the form of a prison sentence, but to no avail. Penkovskiy was quite brave during the entire judicial proceedings. (Greville Wynne), however, was not so brave, and he frequently cried. The SCD knew that Mr. Wynne was not a British intelligence officer, but was acting as a co-optee to handle Penkovskiy..."

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