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Cryptonym: AECHALK

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AECHALK was possibly a cryptonym for Oleg Penkovsky. The cable in November of 1969 mentioning AECHALK was probably meant to be a reference to AMCHALK.
On page 48 of Inside the Company: CIA Diary, by Philip Agee, AECHALK was mentioned.

104-10225-10012: CIA FILE ON ( )SHELL-5

11/25/69: Cable to Director, WH/Miami: Slugline RYBAT TYPIC AMCHALK: Page 2: ..."4. As Headquarters aware we have a lot riding on this so-called operation. Not only possible threat to AMCHALK/5 (Miguel Angel Diaz Isalgue) but a matter of our relationship with SMABOVE (Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Security and Intelligence). If this 'joint ops' goes sour it will be because of our shortcomings and perhaps ruin forever our chances for any future ventures. In other words RVROCK (description of CIA in late sixties-early seventies) professionalism, at least in the eyes of the SMABOVES, is at stake. Therefore, I would rather abort than proceed on a hope and prayer. Nebecker must contact AECHALK regardless whether blows operation or not. 5. Please advise by immediate return cable."

A Record from Mary's Database

"Record: AE. Sources: Inside the Company, Agee, p. 48. Mary's Comments: AE = Soviet Union. USSR Agents in Place were given Digraph AE followed by Code Name. AEBARMAN, AEBROOM, AECHALK, AEDIPPER, AEDONOR, AEDURBILL, AEFOXTROT, AEGUSTO, AEJAMMER, AELADLE, AEOBVERT, AESCOTCH, AESOP, AETRAIN or AETARAIN, AETRIGON, AEWILDFIRE, AEWIRELESS."

A Record from Mary's Database

"Record: AECHALK. Sources: ----- Mary's Comments: = Oleg Penkovsky."


07/26/2013: The Twelve Who Built the Oswald Legend: Part 10: Nightmare in Mexico City: ..."Several identification experts from the Disguise and Identification Section reviewed photos and concluded that 'Moskalev could very likely be identifiable with the unidentified man.' A photo of Moskalev in 1971 is available and can be viewed within this endnote. Moskalev's dossier stated that the famed spy Oleg Penkovsky identified a 1961 photo as 'Col. Yuriy Ivanovich Moskalevskiy, Air Force colonel and GRU officer.' As late as 1978, the Chief of the CIA's Latin American Division protested that this finding was 'entirely theoretical'. Nonetheless, the man who handled Oswald's CI file in the 70s, Russ Holmes, came to the conclusion that the Mystery Man might be Moskalev. Given the number of sources and the strength of the evidence, a strong argument can be made that the Mystery Man is Yuri Moskalev..."

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