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The declassified CIA Files on Nazi and Japanese Imperial Government war crimes stated that AECAVATINA was the cryptonym for either Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists - OUN, or Foreign Section of Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists - Zch/OUN.


CIA document: Research Aid: Cryptonyms and Terms in Declassified CIA Files Nazi War Crimes and Japanese Imperial Government Records Disclosure Acts: Page 3: ..."Term: AECAVATINA. Definition: Cryptonym for either Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN) or Foreign Section of Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (Zch/OUN)..."


03/18/59: Cable from Munich to Director: Slugline REDWOOD LCIMPROVE AEDOGMA: "1. AEDOGMA (Michael Korzhan) believes AECAVATINA has no organizational relationship (REDACTION) but AECAVATINA-12 (Ivan Kashuba) probably will seek (REDACTION) contact when AECAVATINA-8 PARI reorganized. AEDOGMA feels if he accepts AECAVATINA-8 slot he will ultimately be forced cooperate with (REDACTION). Feels can produce satisfactorily as senior consultant AECAVATINA-8 PARI. Next AEDOGMA AECAVATINA-12 RV circa 21 March when AEDOGMA will begin such talks unless MUNI receives negative reply. 2. Re PBPRIME (U.S.) trip, AECAVATINA-12 reportedly has applied for visa. 3. To date AEDOGMA has not received reply letters London superior or Saint Sergius. 4. Request reply para 4 Ref D. C/S Comment: * (REDACTION) assumes AECAVATINA is compelled cooperate with (REDACTION) if SUBJ thus exposed, KUBARK (CIA) connection with him may become apparent therefore, if practical prefer another AECAVATINA rep front for him in liaison."

104-10209-10019: FOLDER CREATED ON POHORDILYS, SEMEN, 201-289249

12/07/60: Dispatch from COS, Paris to Chief, WE: Subject: REDWOOD LCIMPROVE AEDOGMA Josef (aka Osyp) Kozak: "1. Kozak, a friend of Antin Nyczyporuk...is a east Ukrainian of about 50 years of age. He arrived in Paris just after World War II and was engaged (?) as the AECAVATINA/3 operative in France, since he had been involved in this activity in Munich until 1946. As an intelligent man, (unintelligible) graduate, and student of political economy at the University of Nancy, Kozak was able to learn all AECAVATINA secrets. 2. Kozak came into contact with Antin Nyczyporuk in 1949 and they became fast friends...3. Kozak is now living at 26 rue Gaston Jaillon, Vesines Chalette, Loiret, where there is a rather large Ukrainian colony. Wallace N. Havedon."

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