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Cryptonym: AEBOOR

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Ivan Gavrilovich Alferov, KGB officer. A CIA document in March of 1970 stated that AEBOOR's 201 number was 201-236701. A dispatch in January, 1967, mentioned that Alferov's 201 number was 201-236701.

104-10218-10032: KOSTIKOV, VALERIY VLADIMIROVICH, 201-305052

01/27/67: Dispatch from COS, Mexico City to Chief, SB Division (Info: Chief, WH Division): Subject: REDTOP - Voice Samples of Soviets in Mexico: "Forwarded herewith for Headquarters retention was voice samples, taken from LIENVOY, of the following Soviets previously stationed in Mexico: Ivan Gavrilovich Alferyev (201-236701)..."


11/04/69: Dispatch from COS, Buenos Aires to Chief, Soviet Bloc Division (Info: Chief, WHD; COS, Panama City/MKSPICE): Subject: RYBAT REDTOP AELANYARD BIOGENESIS/AEDOOR: "1. We have kept you up to date on AEBOOR's sudden move and the subsequent termination of AELANYARD...2. The AELANYARD transcripts reveal that AEBOOR did indeed contemplate the move several days before we actually had wind of it...There is also evidence that AEBOOR was in somewhat regular contact with the Mexican Embassy and although we were not certain, it appeared that he was anxious to learn if his visa had been granted. In any case, on 28 September 1969, AEBOOR and wife checked out of their apartment...4. We have not been able as yet to establish direct social contact with AEBOOR. Both Nina T. Margande and Paul W. Leverone (who have legitimate reason to seek him out) have tried, but to date, to no avail. Our hope has been to have AEBOOR actually tell us of his plans - will he indeed be transferred to Mexico. Our original thought was that the Mexico Station could readily determine if he had indeed applied for a visa to that country. As you know, we struck out here also. 5. The fact is that as of this writing, we do not know whether AEBOOR's move was routine and innocent or if indeed there was something sinister involved. If AEBOOR does indeed pick up and move to Mexico, we shall, of course, be somewhat relieved. However, this will not answer categorically the major question - was the operation compromised? It would appear that regardless of what happens to AEBOOR, we shall never know the actual reason for his move. However, for what it is worth, the evidence here does not point toward a compromise." - - - 2022 release, pages 84-85: https://www.archives.gov/files/research/jfk/releases/2022/104-10162-10242.pdf


03/16/70: "AEBOOR TARGETING EXERCISE - 201-236701: GENERAL BACKGROUND: INTELLIGENCE AFFILIATION: Known KGB, Suspect Deputy Resident. POSITION: Second Secretary/Cultural. DPOB: 20 January 1928, Tula. FAMILY: Wife - in Buenos Aires, son (born 1955) in Moscow. LANGUAGES: Spanish, excellent. English, some. TOURS: 1958: TDY (possible), Argentina. 1960: TDY, Havana. 1960-64: Mexico, PRAVDA rep. 1968- : Buenos Aires. RESIDENCE: Private apartment at Embassy Club. PERSONALITY: Reportedly likes modern Mexican & American music. FEINGLASS - 1964: Peasant background. Vulgar/crude speech, high-pitched reedy voice. Foul vocabulary. Choloric temperament. Rudimentary sense of humor. Easily upset by small things. Impatient, demanding. AELANYARD - November 1968: Henpecked. Wife always arguing with him. BIRAFFLEs 5 and 22: Introvert, clever, cautious, distrustful. Excellent self-control, hides his feelings. Socially, joking, good sense of humor...INTELLIGENCE ACTIVITY: January 1962: (In Quito): observed casing a State Dept. building with the Cuban Commercial Attaché in Quito. Close contact with Cuban diplomats and local CP leaders. 1963: trip to Ensenada. Contacted rural recruiter to assess Mexican youths desiring to study in USSR. Mexican tour involved with leaders of Movimiento Liberacion Nacional (MLN), and Central Campesina Independiente (CCI), in Ensenada, Tijuana, and Mexicali." - - - 2022 release, pages 72-73: https://www.archives.gov/files/research/jfk/releases/2022/104-10162-10242.pdf

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