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Cryptonym: AEASSAULT

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Unknown identity. AEASSAULT was possibly a program targeting the Soviet Union, or Soviet intelligence operatives. AEASSAULT was often mentioned along with REDTOP (CIA Soviet Division) as slugs in cables.

104-10218-10023: COMMENTS RE LEONOV

06/29/64: Document from Peter Baranowski: Titled: Re. Para 4 (REDACTION)ASSAULT: "We can not comment intelligently on the TARBRUSH (a black propaganda program run by the Mexico City station during the 1950s-1960s) treatment of Leonov because two of the three attacks on him are not in the file. Thus we do not know if they were good or bad. Attached is a rundown that Barbara Graham did on the Leonov file. If Leonov comes back to Mexico City we can undertake to TARBRUSH him properly. I do not believe that our TARBRUSH should be based on the fact that he knew Castro in 1956 as 50% of the Mexicans think Castro is a hero. Rather I think our TARBRUSH should tie him into subversion of Mexico somehow. Neither do I believe that the fact that he is an interpreter for Khrushchev and Castro is a particularly (unintelligible) indictment sufficient to bring about his PNC or recall from Mexico. Rather above themes were the basis of previous TARBRUSHING of Leonov."


09/11/67: Cable from Director to Rio de Janeiro (Info: Buenos Aires) (Orig: Withheld, SB/CI/P): Slugline REDTOP AEASSAULT: REF: DIRECTOR 34352* "1. Initial press release names Victor Vizgunov as KGB officer who met Loginov (SUBJ of ref) while latter Cairo. Airmailing clips to Ronald Warner soon as RECD from Pretoria. 2. If station concurs, suggest hint to ALAGORAs since Vizgunov exposed, would be effective prop play, if they would contact ALMITTEN-1 (note: or Almitteni) and suggest he 'reveal to press' his experience with Vizgunov while in Cairo. 3. Rio de Janeiro: above suggestion should be considered in terms effect station feels such expose might have on current WOFACT (CIA) relationship ALMITTEN-1. *Spy story broke in So African press 9 Sep 67." Releasing Officer: Charles Ryan, C/WH/COPS FI.


06/18/68: Cable from Director to Bogota (Info: Mexico City, Caracas): Slugline REDTOP AEASSAULT: "1. Upon reconsideration HQs feels that it would be inadvisable in terms of greatest impact to surface Leonov connection without peg or Mazatlán address. Without address connection would at best be tenuous. 2. In view repercussions from Ref C leak consider it inadvisable for time being to continue exploitation any aspect Pachon case in Caracas. 3. For Bogota: per Ref C, HQs appreciative need of keeping exploitation unattributable and keeping Pres Lieras' name out of it. Will cable all stations to only replay materials which can be attributed to overt Colombian sources."


05/13/69: Cable from Lima to Bogota (Info: Director): Slugline REDTOP AEASSAULT: REF: BOGOTA 2193 (456480): "1. Leonov expected remain Lima approximately two months. 2. File: 74-120-115/1. 201-132139."

104-10219-10006: (ASSET)/LIHUFF PRODUCTION

06/14/69: Dispatch from COS, Mexico City to Chief, WH Division: Subject: MHSPAWN/Forwarding Samples of Continuing Production of Former Project LISIREN: "1. Forwarded under separate cover are samples of publications which the formerly LISIREN (note: A mass propaganda approach to Communism in Mexico, headed by a group of businessmen known as the "Committee of Nine", overtly as the "Centro Nacional de Estudios Sociales") mechanism (now completely REDACTION without Station support) continues to produce and publish. Note articles on Czech-Soviet confrontation which, although self-generated, agree with AEASSAULT guidances. 2. These samples were given to COS by LIHUFF-1 (Alfonso Rudolph Wichtrich, Executive VP, American Chamber of Commerce in Mexico). Leon C. Fluteo for Willard C. Curtis (Winston Scott)."

104-10224-10007: MILER, NEWTON S., OP.

04/30/73: Memo in lieu of fitness report from Raymond G. Rocca, Deputy Chief, Counter Intelligence Staff: Subject: N. Scott Miler (1 March 1972 - 28 February 1973): Page 2: ..."l. Coordinate the counterintelligence equity in such programs as AEASSAULT and MHCOLOR..."


00/00/78: HSCA document: Notes by Dan Hardway: ..."AEASSAULT officials..."

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