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The CIA cryptonyms on this page show those which are begin with the two-letter bigram AE. Bigrams are used to group cryptonyms into sets related to a particular category, based on characteristics such as geographic location (AM => Cuba) or other methods of grouping (KU => organizations of the CIA itself).

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AESoviet Union sources, in particular defectors and agents.
AEACREAEACRE (1952-64) established a mechanism for the planning and conduct of REDSOX operations via a Domestic Operations Base (DOB) used for the interrogation, assessment, training, briefing, and preparation for dispatch of agents for infiltration into the USSR.
AEASPICDavid Tzitzichvili aka David de Panaskhet was a surveillance and sabotage agent and included in the planning stages of at least one unfinished plot for assassination in the Congo.
AEASSAULTUnknown identity. AEASSAULT was possibly a program targeting the Soviet Union, or Soviet intelligence operatives. AEASSAULT was often mentioned along with REDTOP (CIA Soviet Division) as slugs in cables. [status: Unknown]
AEBARMANSoviet officer Yuri Ivonovich Nosenko, who defected in Feb 1964 with information about Oswald.
AEBOORIvan Gavrilovich Alferov, KGB officer. A CIA document in March of 1970 stated that AEBOOR's 201 number was 201-236701. A dispatch in January, 1967, mentioned that Alferov's 201 number was 201-236701.
AEBURBLEStateside Soviet double-agent controlled by the FBI, and code-named TUMBLEWEED by the FBI. Actual name Guenter Schulz.
AECAMBARO-1Freds Ziedonids Launags, he was a contract agent for the CIA from 1951 to 1959 and was a member of the Latvian underground that targeted Soviet internal operations and gathered intelligence.
AECAMBARO-2Leonids Brombergs, aka Arturs Leonids Brombergs. Active in the Latvian resistance.
AECAVATINAThe declassified CIA Files on Nazi and Japanese Imperial Government war crimes stated that AECAVATINA was the cryptonym for either Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists - OUN, or Foreign Section of Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists - Zch/OUN.
AECHALKAECHALK was possibly a cryptonym for Oleg Penkovsky. The cable in November of 1969 mentioning AECHALK was probably meant to be a reference to AMCHALK. [status: Speculative]
AECLUSTERVladimir Sakharov, a Soviet diplomat that later served the CIA as a defector in place.
AECOTTAGE-1Unknown identity. A January 14, 1965 cable stated that AECOTTAGE-1 was an alleged protege of Aleksandr Adzhubey, the son-in-law of Soviet President Nikita Khrushchev. [status: Unknown]
AEDAZZLE-1Oleg Penkovsky
AEDEPOTAEDEPOT (formerly AEREADY) (1957-65) was designed to provide a trained "Hot War" cadre of agents who could be used during a period of heightened tensions/increased alert or during actual hostilities against the Soviet Union. Mikola Abramtchik, Constantine Mierlak, Tscherim Soobzokov associated with Project.
AEDIEHARDValentin Sergeyevich Loginov. A dispatch in February of 1968 stated that Loginov's 201 number was 201-285412. A cable in October, 1969, mentioned that AEDIEHARD's 201 number was 201-285412.
AEDINOSAURSoviet Russia Division project. Designed to get censored books, pamphlets and other material inside the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe.
AEDIPPER-20Piotr Deriabin - aka Peter Deryabin - a Soviet defector during 1954. [status: Probable]
AEDOGMA-1AEDOGMA-1 was the cryptonym for Michael Korzhan. Korzhan was a former Abwehr intelligence operative, and was formerly AECAPELIN-1.
AEDONORSoviet officer Yuri Ivonovich Nosenko, who defected in Feb 1964 with information about Oswald.
AEFAIRWAYThe name of Adolf Rafalovich Yura Mekler was written under AEFAIRWAY. [status: Unknown]
AEFILTERThe ARRB believed that AEFILTER was the cryptonym for Piotr Deriabin - aka Peter Deryabin. [status: Probable]
AEFISSIONNikolai Ivanovich Trofimov.
AEFOXTROTSoviet officer Yuri Ivonovich Nosenko, who defected in Feb 1964 with information about Oswald.
AEGAINArtush Oganesyan.
AEGENERATEUnknown identity. A target in Mexico City that was wiretapped by LIFEAT'S listening post, referred to as the AEGENERATE LP. This was an important CI/CE operation that involved the NSA. During late October 1963, Staff D concluded that the subject was not currently communicating from "his shop".
AEGOLDA defector with the surname Zavoroskiy
AEGRIPAEGRIP was the cryptonym for the Soviet Military Intelligence Directorate.
AEGUSTOYuriy Loginov, a KGB officer who became an in-place double agent for the CIA.
AEJAMMERTranslations and exploitations of Soviet mail intercept programs.
AEKICKThe KGB, Soviet Committee for State Security
AELADLEAnatoliy Golitsyn, a Soviet defector prized by CIA CounterIntelligence head James Angleton. Also known by the alias John Stone. The French intelligence agency SDECE called him MARTEL.
AELENISVladimir Mikhailovich Petrov.
AEMIGALEAntanas Zigmas Butkus
AEMIQUELET-2A suspect Soviet support agent in Mexico City in 1963. "Miquilet" means musket. [status: Probable]
AEMUSICAL-1Unknown identity. A memo in September of 1961 stated that CIA had taken over the handling of AEMUSICAL-1 from the FBI. [status: Unknown]
AEOCEANThe legal travelers program; i.e., the intelligence use of legal travelers to the Soviet Union.
AEOCEAN-3Philip R. Neilson was the agent used by CIA Officer Jacques Richardson aka Thomas B. Casasin for the CIA's Legal Travelers Program inside the Soviet Union. This agent similar to Lee Harvey Oswald was able to marry a Russian woman named Tamara Kungarova and later immigrate to France with her.
AEPAWNEE-3REDSKIN student in Helsinki during the summer of 1959. Friendly with Gregoriy Golub, the Soviet consul in Helsinki. Her Finnish was not as good as that of another REDSKIN student, Lydia Biddle/AEPAWNEE-5. [status: Unknown]
AEPAWNEE-5Lydia Biddle. A REDSKIN student in Helsinki during the summer of 1959. Flirted with Gregoriy Golub, the Soviet consul in Helsinki. During September 1959, Golub began to offer "instant visas" for foreigners seeking to enter the USSR through Helsinki. Lee Oswald was one of the first to use this new arrangement.
AEPLEBEA Soviet defector with the surname Bimbli.
AEPOLE-25Unknown identity. The declassified CIA Files on Nazi and Japanese Imperial Government war crimes stated that the AEPOLE-1 organization was a Lithuanian émigré organization in West Germany. [status: Unknown]
AEQUALITYStanislaus Sergeyevich Silnikov. A CIA document on September 20, 1966, stated that Silnikov was AEQUALITY, Soviet Embassy administrative officer in Mexico City.
AEROOTThe declassified CIA Files on Nazi and Japanese Imperial Government war crimes stated that AEROOT was among a number of projects that were designed to strengthen resistance to communism and harrass the Soviet regime in the Baltic countries.
AESENTINELAn infiltration-exfiltration operation into difficult terrain in the Soviet Union. [status: Unknown]
AESMASHThe Soviet officer Oleg Adolfovich Lyalin, the Soviet Delegations Department case officer in 1962. A cable from Mexico City on October 26, 1971, referred to the recent defection of AESMASH. Lyalin defected on September 3, 1971 while he was working as a Soviet embassy officer in Great Britain.
AESTORAGECollection of information about the Soviets provided by several reliable and sensitive sources.
AETARGETAETARGET provided information about Soviet audio monitoring programs. Aleks Kurgvel was associated with the project.
AETOTALLYI suspect that AETOTALLY is the cryptonym given to Yuri Nosenko, KGB officer who defected to the United States in February 1964. [status: Probable]
AEVISIONMichael Goleniewski, aka SNIPER. Claimed to be Alexei Nikolaevich, Tsarevich of Russia - the son of the Czar Nicholas Romanov, part of the House of Romanov (aka Romanoff.
AEWIGWAG-2She was the wife of an Agence France Presse correspondent in Moscow from 1964 to 1965 during the period the Communist Party allegedly gained control of the group's international service. [status: Probable]

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