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These Resources for researchers and educators provide a wealth of tools for exploring the topics presented on this website.


Interactive research projects which present detailed analysis in innovative ways:

»  Mary Ferrell Database. An electronic version of Mary Ferrell's original index cards of information on thousands of names.

»  Mary Ferrell Chronologies. Detailed day-by-day and minute-by-minute chronology of the JFK assassination and the lives of Lee Oswald and Jack Ruby.

»  CIA Cryptonyms. Look up definitions of the cryptonyms which appear in CIA files, and help us build a more complete listing. Decode and share!

»  CIA Pseudonyms & Aliases. A sister project to the Cryptonyms page, where internal pseudonyms and externally-used aliases are documented.

»  Dealey Plaza Witness Database. Stewart Galanor's visual database of Dealey Plaza witnesses and what they said about the direction and number of shots.

»  JFK Database Explorer. Browse, search, and filter over 300,000 records of metadata describing the contents of the documents in the JFK Collection.

»  2017/2018 Document Releases. Information about the 2017 and 2018 JFK Records Act declassifications, including links to news, essays and findings, and the documents themselves.

»  2021 Document Releases. Information about the 2021 JFK Records Act declassifications and related news.


Walkthroughs of documents and other materials related to an important topic.

»  Formation of the Warren Commission. The revealing President phone calls and government memos which led to the creation of the Warren Commission.

»  Warren Commission Executive Sessions. Formerly-secret transcripts of the behind-the-scenes deliberations of the Commissioners.

»  Vietnam in Late 1963. The development of plans for a full withdrawal from Vietnam in 1963.

Book Resources

Book resource pages provide a variety of links and archive materials to supplement the selected book.

»  Book Previews. Selected book chapters and excerpts are available for reading online.

»  Hear No Evil. Essays by the author and others, documents related to the acoustics evidence, a MFF interview with the author, and more.

»   The Twelve Who Built the Oswald Legend. This book-length series of essays is fully online here at MFF.

»  State Secret. This book is published online here at MFF.

»  Inside the ARRB. Interviews with the author, an online documentary appendix, research articles, and more.

»  Legacy of Secrecy. Links to online documents cited in the book, and related resources on some of the topics covered.

»  The War Conspiracy. Links to essays by Peter Dale Scott, online videos, and more resources related to the book.

»  The Last Investigation. Links to more information on the people and stories in investigator Gaeton Fonzi's narrative.

»  Oswald in New Orleans. An unpublished appendix of documents and a "live index" accompany Harold Weisberg's classic book.

»  Ultimate Sacrifice. The declassified documents behind Lamar Waldron's controversial thesis of a coup in Cuba planned for late 1963.

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