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Photo Collection: Warren Commission Document Photos

These sets of photographs are all derived from the 50,000 page collection of files known as the Warren Commission Documents. The photos may be seen in context in the original files, but are also extracted and shown here for convenience. 398 photographs.

Click on any thumbnail image to view the photos in that set.

Dealey Plaza
(55 photos)
Secret Service Reenactment Photos
(48 photos)
Visual Aids
(26 photos)
Texas School Book Depository
(63 photos)
Lee Harvey Oswald
(26 photos)
(2 photos)
Site of Tippit Shooting
(43 photos)
Paine House
(16 photos)
Randle Home
(9 photos)
Love Field & Motorcade
(4 photos)
(3 photos)
Ruby Property
(12 photos)
Neely Street
(4 photos)
Harper Fragment
(8 photos)
Lineup Photos
(12 photos)
Cuba Peace Marchers
(19 photos)
Billy Lovelady
(1 photo)
Bus and Taxi Photos
(11 photos)
Mexico City Mystery Man
(3 photos)
Horizontal Projection of Bullet
(24 photos)
Schrand Reenactment
(9 photos)

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