One of several photos of the 'Mystery Man' who may have impersonated Oswald in Mexico City. He has never been identified. Photo taken by CIA surveillance cameras.
One of several photos of the "Mystery Man" who may have impersonated Oswald in Mexico City. He has never been identified.
Photo taken by CIA surveillance cameras.

The JFK story has a wide cast of characters. Of course there are Lee Harvey Oswald, the accused assassin, and his own murderer Jack Ruby. But the history of the case is filled with witnesses, government officials, organized crime figures, private investigators, and a panoply of strange characters.

Lee Harvey Oswald – the accused assassin of President Kennedy.

Jack Ruby – the man who murdered Lee Oswald.

Witnesses – Witnesses to the events in Dealey Plaza or other significant events in the assassination story.

Government Officials – Officials related to the Kennedy assassination story: White House personnel, officers of various government agencies, and so on.

Medical Personnel - Persons involved in the treatment of JFK in Dallas, the autopsy at the Bethesda Naval Medical Center, or in subsequent investigations of the medical evidence.

Interesting Persons – Persons who are neither witnesses nor government officials, but who show up in government investigations, books, or other analyses of the events in Dallas and their aftermath.

Authors & Experts – Authors and experts on the JFK assassination. See the set of MFF video clips of authors and experts discussing various aspects of the case.



Who Was Lee Harvey Oswald? - Oswald: Myth, Mystery, and Meaning, by Don DeLillo, Edward J. Epstein, and Gerald Posner.

Primary Sources: Jack Ruby and the Media, by Spartacus Educational.

Who's Who in the Jim Garrison Case, by Dave Reitzes.

Pictures of the Paines, by John Kelin.

What Jane Roman Said, by Jefferson Morley.

More Mexico Mysteries, by Rex Bradford.

Harold Weisberg: The Chronicle Interview, by Debra Crouch.

Philadelpha Quakers With Oswald in Mexico City, by Bill Kelly.

Special Guest Speaker: Kerry McCarthy, by JFK Lancer.

A Tribute to Harold Weisberg, by Hal Verb.


Essays (Continued)

Eyewitness Testimony, by John McAdams.

Original Witness Statements, by Lisa Pease.

The Secret Service Agent on the Knoll, by Debra Conway.

The Umbrella Man, by Ralph Schuster.

Convenient Deaths, by Ralph Schuster.

Deaths of Witnesses, by Spartacus Educational.

Suspects in the JFK Assassination, by Michael T. Griffith.

Hemming Does Dallas, by Charles Drago.

The Man in the Middle: Richard Case Nagell's View of an Evolving Conspiracy, by Larry Hancock.

The Don Reynolds Testimony and LBJ, by John Delane Williams and Debra Conway.

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