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News Archive - May 2008

New Book: ''JFK and the Unspeakable''

May 28, 2008: James Douglass' new book intertwines the story of JFK's assassination with his struggle to control a bureaucracy mired in a Cold War politics that Kennedy himself was abandoning in 1963. JFK and the Unspeakable: Why He Died & Why it Matters is a fresh and detailed portrayal of the problems Kennedy faced when, after the Missile Crisis, he made moves toward peace in Vietnam, Cuba, and in the US-Soviet relationship. Douglass' treatment of the framing of Oswald and the federal reaction to the assassination combines old stories with new material from recent declassifications.

Senator Kennedy Diagnosed with Brain Tumor

May 21, 2008: Edward "Ted" Kennedy, the senior senator from Massachusetts, has been diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor following a seizure over the weekend. See an AP story and the Boston Globe. Senator Kennedy, who has represented Massachusetts since 1962, had a seizure over the weekend. Kennedy is on his feet again but faces an uncertain future, and treatment options are currently under consideration.

Wecht Retrial on Indefinite Stay

May 12, 2008: The re-trial of Dr. Cyril Wecht, originally slated to begin May 27, has been put on hold pending an appeals court review, according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Defense lawyers filed a motion that a retrial would be tantamount to double jeopardy, citing irregularities in the way the original jurors were dismissed and a mistrial declared by Judge Schwab.

CIA Stonewalls on Joannides Records

May 1, 2008: The saga of Morley V. CIA continues. Defying court instructions to search its operational files for the records of former officer George Joannides, and to explain why 17 monthly reports on the DRE Cuban exile group are missing by April 30, the CIA declined to offer documents or explanations. An article by Jefferson Morley quotes former ARRB chairman Judge Tunheim on the Joannides matter: "Had the Review Board known the truth about George Joannides everything bearing his name would have been made public." The Joannides matter has extra importance due to the re-emergence of Joannides in 1978 to serve as liaison to the House Select Committee on Assassinations, without his former role being disclosed. See the MFF's production Morley V. CIA for more on this story.

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