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News Archive - May 2006

Documentary Airing on Discovery Channel on May 11

May 9, 2006: On Thursday evening, May 11, at 9 PM and four hours later at 1 AM, the Discovery Channel will be airing a documentary entitled Conspiracy Files: JFK Assassination. Appearing in the documentary are Lamar Waldron and Thom Hartmann, co-authors of Ultimate Sacrifice, as well as former FBI agent and author William Turner and former RFK associate Ronald Goldfarb. The documentary will feature the first-ever televised interview with ex-Secret Service agent Abraham Bolden. For those interested in delving into some of the documents cited in Ultimate Sacrifice, see the MFF Document Walkthrough.

John Kenneth Galbraith Dies at 97

May 1, 2006: John Kenneth Galbraith, the influential economist and advisor to Presidents, died on April 29 at the age of 97. See his obituaries in the Boston Globe and New York Times, a lengthier article entitled The Unrepentant Liberal in the Ottawa Citizen, and remarks by his son James Galbraith at TomPaine.com. Author of The Affluent Society, The New Industrial State, and other important works, Galbraith became Kennedy's ambassador to India. He was also a longstanding critic of America's entry into war in Vietnam, an opposition voiced even during the Kennedy administration's early buildup of advisors. His book Letters to Kennedy contains prophetic remarks about the pitfalls awaiting the U.S. in that region. Galbraith's arguments in favor of using economic policy as a force for social change were not very popular among the conservatives of the Reagan era and later years, but his powerful intellect and moral voice remain worth paying attention to.

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