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News Archive - Dec 2007

Hoover Proposed Mass Arrests on Disloyalty in 1950

Dec 24, 2007: In 1950, FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover proposed that more than 10,000 citizens be arrested on charges of disloyalty, that they be imprisoned in military bases as well as federal prisons, and that habeas corpus be suspended. The New York Times article on the plan reports that it was proposed 12 days after the start of the Korean War.

Sylvan Fox Dies at 79

Dec 24, 2007: Sylvan Fox, Pulitzer-prize winning New York Times journalist and editor, died on Dec 22 at the age of 79. He was the author of The Unanswered Questions About President Kennedy's Assassination (1965), a fact omitted from his New York Times obituary and other coverage. The NYT has an online guestbook where tributes may be written.

Appeals Court Rules in Morley's Favor

Dec 10, 2007: The U.S. Court of Appeals on December 7 reversed Judge Richard Leon's decision to deny release of records related to George Joannides' service in 1963. See an Oct 2007 story about the Appeals Court hearing and an Oct 2006 story about Leon's dismissal of the case brought by journalist Jefferson Morley. The ruling decress that the CIA must search its operational files for Joannides material, and must explain the absence of the monthly reports on the DRE during the period that Joannides handled the Cuban exile group in 1962-64. The Appeals Court ruling is available in PDF form on the website of the Assassination Archives and Research Center.

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