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News Archive - Dec 2006

Former President Gerald Ford Dies at 93

Dec 28, 2006: Former President Gerald Ford died on December 26, 2006 at the age of 93. Obituaries and related stories were carried in all the major news sources, including the New York Times, Washington Post, and Associated Press. Ford became President in 1974 when Richard Nixon resigned over the Watergate scandal; Ford subsequently pardoned Nixon. Gerald Ford was the last surviving member of the Warren Commission, and his tenure there remains controversial (see Gerald Ford's Terrible Fiction and a memo regarding Ford's confidential reporting to the FBI on Commission activities). Ford wrote a book on Oswald called Portrait of the Assassin, in which he revealed that the Commission had been confronted by Texas authorities with the allegation that Oswald had been an FBI informant. This revelation was used by Harold Weisberg and his attorney James Lesar as an argument for disclosure of this and other executive session transcripts of the Commission (see Weisberg's Whitewash IV). Ford assumed the Presidency at a time of great national crisis, and is generally credited with keeping the nation on an even keel during the period of Congressional investigations which followed Watergate, most famously the Church Committee which exposed U.S. plots to assassinate foreign leaders. The current news stories include Bob Woodward's story that Ford privately opposed the invasion of Iraq.

Massive Declassification Set for Dec 31

Dec 21, 2006: A New Year's Eve present for historians, in the form of hundreds of millions of pages of newly available records, is scheduled to take place after 6 years of delays, according to a New York Times article. An executive order signed in 1995 by President Clinton mandated that federal records more than 25 years old be automatically declassified unless specially excepted. Originally scheduled to take effect in 2000, the order was extended twice but is finally planned to go into effect. Given the National Archives' processing backlog of more than 400 million pages, according to historian and former Assassination Records Review Board member Anna K. Nelson, it may be best not to expect access to all the materials on January 2.

Dallas Conspiracy Museum to Relocate

Dec 13, 2006: The Conspiracy Museum, located near Dealey Plaza in Dallas, is shutting its doors effective Dec. 30, to make room for a Quiznos sub shop. According to articles in the Dallas Morning News and CNN.com, Director Tom Bowden (shown here) also announced plans to relocate the museum to a new space in the same area, along with an extensive redesign. A press release from Dec. 5 reads as follows:

Press Release

For Immediate Release……December 5, 2006

Conspiracy Museum in Dallas Texas to relocate

The Conspiracy Museum has been an institution in downtown Dallas for over 13 years. During this time, we have endured both praise and ridicule from various news media. We have been called a “clam” and “lunatic” by a major local newspaper. We appreciate all the free advertising whatever forms it takes.

Members of the Museum staff have always been available for interviews. We have been hosted on various media shows throughout the world. The museum has been featured in movies; television shows and various feature articles. Our heart felt thanks to our hosts.

We wish to announce the closing of the Museum location at 110 South Market effective December 30, 2006. At the same time, we wish to announce the relocation of the museum effective March 15 to another larger location closer to Dealey Plaza. During our down time, the exhibits will be completed redesigned. The new space will have a larger bookstore and coffee shop associated with it. We will have our grand reopening on the 39th anniversary of the Martin Luther Kings murder. April 4, 2007.

We also wish to announce the formation of the Provenance Information Center. While our public persona has always been as a believer in conspiracies, our private interests have included active research in other areas for a diverse group of clients including book publishers, news media and television documentaries. When the new location is open, it will include an information store for other interests including organic foods and environmental research.

In summary, we do believe in the conspiracy surrounding the assassinations of President John F. Kennedy, Senator Robert F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King.

The scope of the museum will be increased. Our new exhibits will cover the murders in more detail and in multimedia format. The Conspiracy does not rest. Neither do we.


For additional Information.

Contact: Tom Bowden, President
110 South Market
Dallas, Texas 75202

Mr. Bowden is available for interviews during the week of December 5, 2006

Mr. Bowden is the only authorized spokesperson for the museum.

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