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News Archive - Apr 2008

Jim Olivier Dies at 57

April 14, 2008: Jim Olivier, longtime Master of Ceremonies at JFK Lancer's annual November in Dallas conferences, died yesterday at the age of 57. A Louisiana-based television journalist, Jim produced TV and radio interviews with many figures in the JFK assassination saga, including Jim Garrison, John Newman, Mary Ferrell, Dr. Charles Crenshaw, and many more.

Mistrial in Wecht Case

April 9, 2008: The jury in the trial of Dr. Cyril Wecht has failed to reach a verdict, and a mistrial has been declared. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported yesterday that the jury "remained hopelessly deadlocked." An editorial in that paper declared that the "federal prosecutor has had her shot at Cyril Wecht. It's time to call it a day," but the government immediately decided to retry the case, and a date of May 27 was set for a new trial. Wecht's lawyers and supporters decried this quick decision. Defense attorney and former Governor Dick Thornburgh said "The government has utterly failed to prove their case, and it's time, in my view, for these charges to be dismissed and for Dr. Wecht to be able to get on with his life."

Wecht Jury Deadlocked

Apr 7, 2008: After more than two weeks of deliberation, the jury in the trial of noted coroner Dr. Cyril Wecht has failed to reach a verdict. One juror was excused for reasons of stress, and the prospect of a hung jury is real. The defense has called for a mistrial. In the trial, which began Jan 28, he prosecution has argued that Wecht misused his coroner's office and its employees for private gain. The defense has disputed many specifics as well as the triviality of some of the counts, and has charged that the case against Wecht, a prominent Democrat and government critic, is politically motivated.

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