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News Archive - 2009

The News Archive saves all the News items which have appeared on the home page of the Mary Ferrell Foundation website, organized chronologically.

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December 20: Dr. Malcolm Perry Dies at 80


November 20: Discovery Channel to Air Two New JFK Documentaries


October 16: Joannides Story Hits the NY Times

October 07: New JFK Assassination Documentary to Air on History Channel


September 12: General Juan Almeida Bosque Dies at 82


August 26: Senator Edward Kennedy Dies at 77

August 21: CIA Hired Blackwater for Assassination Program

August 20: Sixth Floor Museum to Open Resource Center

August 11: Eunice Kennedy Shriver Dies at 88


July 6: Robert McNamara Dies at 93


June 23: New Nixon Tapes and Files Released

June 9: Bernard Barker Dies at 92

June 3: Charges Against Cyril Wecht Dismissed


May 27: Joannides Lawsuit Poses Test for Obama FOIA Order

May 17: Evidence Tossed Out in Wecht Case


Apr 28: Specter Changes Parties

Apr 19: Wade Convictions Being Reversed


Mar 23: Wecht Judge Questions Search Warrants

Mar 13: New Book: The Grassy Knoll Witnesses

Mar 9: Nixon-Helms Recordings Online


Feb 6: Francis X. O'Neill Jr. Dies at 85


Jan 21: President Obama Announces Era of Openness

Jan 20: Ted Kennedy Collapses at Inaugural Lunch

Jan 14: 9/11 Commission Papers Released

Jan 7: New Book: Family of Secrets

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