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News Archive - 2008

The News Archive saves all the News items which have appeared on the home page of the Mary Ferrell Foundation website, organized chronologically.

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Dec 8: LBJ Suspected Nixon of Treason

Dec 5: LBJ Library Releases Last Batch of Presidential Phone Calls


Nov 19: New Book: Legacy of Secrecy

Nov 14: JFK Conspiracy Disproved, Again

Nov 13: New Book: On the Trail of the JFK Assassins

Nov 10: New Book: Brothers in Arms

Nov 7: Cecil Stoughton Dead at 88

Nov 3: Legal Questions About Obama Colorado Threat


Oct 28: New Book: The Last Campaign

Oct 17: New Book: Some of It Was Fun


Sep 22: Barefoot Sanders Dead at 83

Sep 15: Conference: Making Sense of the Sixties

Sep 14: Texas A & M Researchers Win Award

Sep 8: Lawsuit Filed to Ensure Cheney Papers Made Public


Aug 28: Yuri Nosenko Dead at 81

Aug 27: Authorities Dismiss Obama Threat

Aug 25: FBI Files on Gerald Ford Released

Aug 6: Robert Maheu Dead at 90


Jul 29: New Book: The Missing Chapter

Jul 25: Max Holland: A Need to Know

Jul 23: Proposal for New Church Committee

Jul 22: Lawsuit Filed for Documents on Marcello

Jul 2: Congress Subpoenas Wecht Documents

Jul 1: Pedro Diaz Lanz Dead at 81


Jun 24: Book Reissue: Oswald and the CIA

Jun 10: American University Speech Anniversary


May 28: New Book: JFK and the Unspeakable

May 21: Senator Kennedy Diagnosed with Brain Tumor

May 12: Wecht Retrial on Indefinite Stay

May 1: CIA Stonewalls on Joannides Records


Apr 14: Jim Olivier Dies at 57

Apr 9: Mistrial in Wecht Case

Apr 7: Wecht Jury Deadlocked


Mar 31: Forty Years Since LBJ Announced He Would Not Run

Mar 27: Wecht Jury May Split Verdict

Mar 14: New JFK Assassination Books in March

Mar 12: Defense Calls No Witnesses in Wecht Case

Mar 10: Wecht Trial in its Sixth Week

Mar 3: Judge Tunheim Urges Dallas D.A. to Donate Materials to Archives


Feb 29: CIA to Respond on Joannides Files by April 30

Feb 19: Fidel Castro Steps Down

Feb 18: Dallas D.A.'s Office Finds JFK Memorabilia

Feb 15: Floyd Boring Dies at 92

Feb 8: Bush Budget Endangers FOIA Compliance

Feb 1: Gerald Patrick Hemming Dies at 71


Jan 31: Wecht Trial Underway

Jan 15: Oswald's Ghost Airs on PBS

Jan 9: Philip Agee Dies at 72

Jan 4: New Documentary: RFK Must Die

Jan 4: Half of Counts Against Wecht Dropped

Jan 2: Sara Jane Moore Released From Prison

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