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News Archive - 2007

The News Archive saves all the News items which have appeared on the home page of the Mary Ferrell Foundation website, organized chronologically.

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Dec 24: Hoover Proposed Mass Arrests on Disloyalty in 1950

Dec 24: Sylvan Fox Dies at 79

Dec 10: Appeals Court Rules in Morley's Favor


Nov 27: Secret Service Agent Abraham Bolden Going Public

Nov 26: Senate Pursues Justice Dept. on Bullet Lead Analysis

Nov 21: Warren Report Republished With a Twist

Nov 14: George Michael Evica Dies at 79

Nov 13: Norman Mailer Dies at 84

Nov 12: Arthur Bremer Released From Prison

Nov 6: JFK Assassination Conferences in Dallas


Oct 25: Wecht's Attorney Charges Political Prosecution

Oct 22: Appellate Hearing on Joannides Documents

Oct 10: New LBJ Tapes from 1967 Released


Sep 4: Oswald's Ghost - PBS Documentary to Air This Fall


Aug 3: Activist Paul Kuntzler Buys JFK Assassination Coverage


Jul 19: House Judiciary Committee Questions Wecht Prosecution

Jul 12: New Book: Dr. Mary's Monkey, by Edward Haslam

Jul 12: Lady Bird Johnson Dies at 94

Jul 1: Italian Tests of Mannlicher-Carcano Find Rifle Too Slow


Jun 22: CIA to Release its "Family Jewels"


May 29: New Book: Reclaiming History by Vincent Bugliosi

May 17: More Scientists Question JFK NAA Analysis

May 15: New Book: The Tangled Web

May 14: John K. Lattimer Dies at 92

May 4: Howard Hunt Confesses to JFK Plot


Apr 27: Jack Valenti, Aide to President Johnson, Dies at 85

Apr 23: Moorman Photo for Sale on eBay

Apr 4: Newly Discovered MLK Papers to be Auctioned


Mar 13: Sunshine Week 2007: March 11-17

Mar 1: Arthur Schlesinger Jr. Dies at 89


Feb 21: Open Letter to Archivist Published

Feb 20: New Film of JFK Motorcade

Feb 19: David Ferrie's Plane Located

Feb 15: Changes to Freedom of Information Act Discussed


Jan 24: Howard Hunt Dies at 88

Jan 22: George Smathers Dies at 93

Jan 15: Howard Hunt Says LBJ is Prime Suspect

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