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News Archive - 2006

The News Archive saves all the News items which have appeared on the home page of the Mary Ferrell Foundation website, organized chronologically.

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Dec 28: Former President Gerald Ford Dies at 93

Dec 21: Massive Declassification Set for Dec 31

Dec 13: Dallas Conspiracy Museum to Relocate


Nov 27: BBC Report on CIA Officers at RFK Shooting Site

Nov 21: New LBJ Phone Calls Released

Nov 13: Investigating History JFK Assassination Episode

Nov 6: New Book: Someone Would Have Talked


Oct 31: New Hours at the National Archives

Oct 26: Two JFK Assassination Conferences in November

Oct 2: Lawsuit to Obtain Joannides Records Dismissed


Sep 28: Rose Kennedy Papers Made Public

Sep 25: Paperback Version of Ultimate Sacrifice Names Coup Leader

Sep 21: Phil Melanson, Author and Educator, Dies

Sep 18: Patricia Kennedy Lawford, JFK's Sister, Dies at 82

Sep 3: Nellie Connally Dies at 87


Aug 24: National Archives to Eliminate Evening and Weekend Hours

Aug 1: Fidel Castro Transfers Power


Jul 21: Author Bill Davy Eligible for Attorney Fees in FOIA Suit vs CIA

Jul 18: National Security Archive Sues CIA Over FOIA Policy


Jun 9: JFK Library to Digitize Holdings


May 9: Documentary Airing on Discovery Channel on May 11

May 1: John Kenneth Galbraith Dies at 97


Apr 27: Reclassification Effort Larger Than Previously Revealed

Apr 20: FBI Wants Access to Jack Anderson Papers

Apr 17: MLK Records Act Introduced in Senate

Apr 12: Secret Memo on Archives Reclassification Effort Revealed

Apr 10: Martin Luther King, Jr. Assassination Evidence Online


Mar 3: Furor Over Nation Article by Max Holland

Mar 3: Reclassification at National Archives Halted

Mar 1: Cyril Wecht Defense Fund


Feb 21: Declassification in Reverse at the National Archives

Feb 1: Coretta Scott King Dies


Jan 23: Dr. Cyril Wecht Indicted

Jan 4: New Documentary on German TV: Rendezvous with Death

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