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Lee Harvey Oswald

Images of Lee Harvey Oswald
HSCA exhibit F-386, a collage of various photos of Lee Harvey Oswald.

See HSCA Report, Volume II, p.408.

Most history books record Lee Harvey Oswald as the assassin of President Kennedy. This was the conclusion of the Warren Commission, and even the later HSCA's conclusion of a probable conspiracy included Oswald as the only gunman to hit the target. Did Oswald kill Kennedy, or were these investigations wrong?

Many experts of the case believe what Oswald himself told the world while in police custody, that he was a "patsy" - he had been framed for the crime. Much of the "hard" evidence pointing at Oswald's guilt becomes softer the more it is examined. And there are several credible stories of Oswald's being impersonated before the assassination, in ways which "painted him red" so that on November 22 the world would see a Communist killer.

Oswald remains an enigma. The meaning of his actions - defecting to the Soviet Union, returning with a Russian wife, creating a false persona as a pro-Castro activist - remain mysterious. Was Oswald a malcontent as books like Case Closed portray, or was he instead something altogether different - an agent of a U.S. intelligence agency operating under cover, building a "legend?" And was that legend then used against him on November 22, 1963?



Who Was Lee Harvey Oswald? - Oswald: Myth, Mystery, and Meaning, by Don DeLillo, Edward J. Epstein, and Gerald Posner.

Who Was Lee Harvey Oswald?, by Joan Mellen.

Lee Harvey Oswald, by John McAdams.

Oswald and the CIA, by Dick Russell.

"This Dirty Rumor", by George Michael Evica.

The Three Oswald Deceptions: The Operation, the Cover-Up and the Conspiracy, by Peter Dale Scott.

Primary Sources: Lee Harvey Oswald in 1963, by Spartacus Educational.

Harvey and Lee: The Handwriting is on the Wall, by W. Tracy Parnell.

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CIA Files and the Pre-Assassination Framing of Lee Harvey Oswald, by Peter Dale Scott.

Priscilla and Lee: Before and After the Assassination, by Peter R. Whitmey.

Pieces of the Jigsaw: Glimpses of the Real Lee Harvey Oswald, by Martin Shackleford.

The Raleigh Call, by Dr. Grover B. Proctor, Jr.


Essays (Continued)

The JFK Case: The Twelve Who Built the Oswald File, Part One, by Bill Simpich. See also part two, part three, part four, part five, part six.

Who Was Lee Harvey Oswald: Glimpses of a Life, by PBS.

Who Was Lee Harvey Oswald: Twenty-Four Years, by PBS.

On the Psychiatric Evidence for the Lone Mad Gunman Theory, by Dr. Samuel F. Kritzberg.

A Rifle Symposium, by George Michael Evica, Anthony Marsh, and Martha Moyers.

Lee Harvey Oswald, the Central Intelligence Agency, and the Logic of Conspiracy, by Scott P. Johnson.

Was Oswald a Poor Shot: The Marksmanship Ability of President Kennedy's Alleged Assassin, by Michael T. Griffith.

Lost and Found: Oswald Interrogation Notes, by Larry Haapanen.


Lee Harvey Oswald: Background and Possible Motives - Chapter VII of the Warren Report.

Warren Commission Hearings Volume I - Testimony of Oswald's wife Marina, his mother Marguerite, and his brother Robert.

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Peter Dale Scott, author of Deep Politics and the Death of JFK, describes the way in which the Warren Commission determined that Oswald was not an agent of US intelligence.
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