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Foreknowledge of the Assassination?

Right-wing extremist Joseph Milteer, one of those who predicted the JFK assassination.
Right-wing extremist Joseph Milteer, one of those who predicted the JFK assassination.

Stories abound of those who expressed foreknowledge of the JFK assassination. Do these stories indicate actual awareness of the coming murder, or are they urban legends? If some of them do indicate foreknowledge, what does this contribute to an understanding of who was behind the Kennedy assassination?

Predictions of Joseph Milteer - Examines the tape-recorded predictions of right-wing extremist Joseph Milteer.

The Odio Incident - Who were the three men who visited Silvia Odio in late September of 1963, one of whom was introduced as "Leon Oswald"?

Rose Cherami - Did Rose Cherami, in hospital after being struck by an automobile, tell hospital workers that Kennedy would be killed in Dallas?

Allegations of PFC Eugene Dinkin - Why did Eugene Dinkin, a cryptographic operator stationed in France, go AWOL just weeks before the JFK assassination?

Homer Echevarria - Taking Care of Kennedy - An informant reported that Cuban exile Homer Echevarria said, on November 21 1963, discussed what would happen "as soon as we take care of Kennedy."

Richard Case Nagell - The Man Who Knew Too Much - Was decorated Korean War veteran Richard Case Nagell an undercover agent who knew Oswald, or was he out of his mind?

Other incidents of note include the Parrot Jungle incident, the Kirknewton intercept, the "Grimsby call," and the allegations of Elizabeth Cole, Karyn Kupcinet, and Adele Edison. See also: Gilberto Alvarado Allegation and Luisa Calderon Foreknowledge Allegation.



Joseph Milteer: Miami Prophet, or Quitman Crackpot?, by John McAdams.

Sylvia Odio vs. Liebeler & the La Fontaines, by James DiEugenio.

Rose Cheramie: How She Predicted the JFK Assassination, by James DiEugenio.

Oswald and the CIA, by Dick Russell.

How to Avoid Being Linked to the JFK Assassination: Get Yourself Locked Up, by Dick Russell.

Disappearing Witnesses, by Penn Jones, Jr..

Eugene B. Dinkin: Foreknowledge?, by Noel Twyman (except from Bloody Treason).

A Rough Guide to Oswald Lookalikes, by Mark Bridger (see esp. pp.23-24).

Foreknowledge in England - the Cambridge call?, by Mark Bridger.



HSCA Report, Appendix X:

  • The Odio Incident - p.19. This staff report concludes: "It appears that Sylvia Odio's testimony is essentially credible."
  • Rose Cheramie - p.197. This staff report recounts the HSCA's investigation into the Rose Cheramie affair.

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