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Withheld in Full, Episode 1: ''Morley V. CIA''

MFF Productions proud to present a new series of short documentaries entitled Withheld in Full: Stories from the Mary Ferrell Foundation Archive. Produced by Tyler Weaver, this series will tell stories from the vast archive of materials available on the Mary Ferrell Foundation website. Each episode is accompanied by resources for more information and exploration.

Episode 1, Morley V. CIA, tells the story of Washington Post journalist Jefferson Morley's search for the identity of the CIA's case officer for the Cuban exile group called the DRE, and his lawsuit against the CIA to obtain the records of that person, George Joannides. Contrary to early Agency denials, the Agency did have a relationship with the DRE in 1963, significant because of the interactions members of that group had with Lee Harvey Oswald that summer in New Orleans. One DRE member, Carlos Bringuier, had gotten into a street scuffle with Oswald and also debated him on radio.

Morley found that Joannides had returned to the JFK story in the late 1970s, when the CIA made him a liaison officer to the House Select Committee on Assassinations, working with the HSCA to locate Agency documents. When Morley told HSCA Chief Counsel G. Robert Blakey of Joannides' 1963 role, Blakey was furious, and insisted he would have had Joannides on the witness stand instead of processing document requests, had he known.

The CIA has delivered some of Joannides' records, and as of March 2008 Morley is still in court trying to obtain the mysteriously-missing 17 monthly reports which Joannides should have filed on the DRE, as well as other files on this previously-unknown but important case officer.

In the coming months, the Withheld in Full series will continue to tell more important stories from the MFF Archive.

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