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Stalking RFK?

Did Sirhan Sirhan act alone in the attack on Robert F. Kennedy in a kitchen pantry on June 5, 1968? The Los Angeles police said so, and neither the prosecution nor defense at Sirhan's trial claimed there were accomplices.

But the release of the LAPD's "Special Unit Senator" case files in the late 1980s added to an already-growing litany of evidence that others besides Sirhan were involved. From too many bullets for one gun to many independent sightings of Sirhan's companions, this "open and shut" case contains stark indications that Sirhan was no lone gunman.

This starting point, the first in a series on the RFK assassination, explores pre-assassination sightings of someone resembling Sirhan in the company of others, particularly a woman whose description matches that of the famed "polka dot dress girl" seen by many on the night of Kennedy's murder.

Future essays will discuss the events at the Ambassador Hotel as well as other evidence and stories from the investigation into RFK's assassination. Each is accompanied by links into the more than 50,000 pages of primary source materials about the case online here at the MFF.

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