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Skyhorse Books at MFF

Ten selected books from Skyhorse Publishing are now available for sale in the MFF Store, and all have been incorporated into the site's limited fair-use search engine. These include new books like Mary's Mosaic by Peter Janney and the significantly updated Destiny Betrayed by James DiEugenio, as well as classics such as Jim Garrison's On the Trail of the Assassins, Mark Lane's Plausible Denial, and Richard Mahoney's lesser-known but excellent The Kennedy Brothers (formerly Sons and Brothers). The full list is here:

One of these books, Jim DiEugenio's Destiny Betrayed: JFK, Cuba, and the Garrison Case, is newly published as of October 2012, and largely rewritten to take advantage of the new material available in the wave of declassifications since the 1992 edition. A spirited defense of New Orleans DA Jim Garrison's investigation, the book also dives deep into JFK's Cuba and general Cold War policy, and marshalls an indictment of the CIA for involvement in Kennedy's murder.

Chapter 3 of Destiny Betrayed has been unlocked for online reading courtesy of Skyhorse Publishing and the author; the Book Previews page now features over a dozen books with unlocked portions. Jim DiEugenio provided this introduction to the chapter:

The following chapter on the Bay of Pigs invasion is in large part reliant on the declassified Inspector General Report by Lyman Kirkpatrick done for the CIA. It was so blistering that it was hidden by them for over thirty years. It reveals that the subterfuges around that infamous episode went deeper than anyone suspected. Through this and other sources, it is clear now that DIrector Allen Dulles, and DIrector of Plans DIck Bissell deliberately deceived President Kennedy into going along with an operation they knew would fail unless Kennedy broke his public pledge about allowing American forces into Cuba. But further, even if he did so, and the operation did succeed, Kennedy was not going to get the government he wanted. Through a plan also concealed from him, the new government would be helmed by the rightwing Cubans that Dulles and Howard Hunt championed, e.g. Manuel Artime.

Through the work of Kirkpatrick plus the Maxwell Taylor inquiry at the White House, Kennedy realized he had been tricked by his own officials. On the advice of his father's friend Robert Lovett, he decided to fire Dulles, Bissell and Deputy DIrector Charles Cabell. But Dulles and Hunt decided to hit back --hard. Through Dulles' friend, journalist Charles Murphy, Hunt and Dulles now concocted a cover story to conceal what they had done and shift the blame to the duped Kennedy. Thus began the myth of the "cancelled D Day air strike".

Read: Destiny Betrayed, Chapter 3 - Bay of Pigs: Kennedy vs. Dulles, by James DiEugenio

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