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Mary Ferrell Donation to Baylor University

The Mary Ferrell Foundation has donated a substantial portion of Mary Ferrell's collection to Baylor University, which has been collecting, preserving, and making available materials from several prominent JFK assassination researchers, including Penn Jones, Gary Shaw, Paul Hoch, Dick Russell, Ed Haslam, John Armstrong, Jack White, John Kelin, and others. The Foundation applauds the efforts at Baylor to preserve and make accessible important historical research collections related to the JFK assassination. See the JFK Materials page on Baylor's website for more about these collections.

This May, a set of 103 boxes of materials were sent to the W.R. Poage Legislative Library at Baylor, run by Director Ben Rogers. Representing over half of Mary Ferrell's vast collection of materials not including books, this donation consists of:

The preparation for the donation included scanning most of the government documents not already put online from Mary's holdings or other collections such as the Assassination Archive and Research Center's. Over the coming year, these additional documents, numbering in the tens of thousands of pages, will be added to the MFF's online Document Archive.

This donation, which is expected to be followed by further donation of research folders and other materials, is part of an effort to make more of Mary's materials available to researchers. Some of it is inappropriate for scanning and putting online due to privacy or copyright restrictions or other reasons; this and future donations are intended to make them available for direct access.

Further announcements on this website will include an inventory of donated materials, and will alert interested researchers when the materials will be open for viewing.

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