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Commentary on ''Oswald's Ghost''

Robert Stone's film Oswald's Ghost aired on PBS recently, earning rave reviews from some and less-than-favorable response from others. The film grapples with the effect of the JFK assassination on American society, though leaves the strong impression that the resulting tumult was unnecessary, as Oswald killed JFK by himself.

Mainstream sources' positive reviews include the Boston Globe, LA Times, Dallas Morning News, and Miami Herald.

Here are a few longer pieces which take issue with the film from different perspectives:

Kennedy's Ghost, by Rex Bradford.

Oswald's Ghost, by Jim DiEugenio.

What Oswald Wrought: Lament of a Generation, by Max Holland.

Night at the Museum, by David Lifton.

See also this piece by David D'Arcy: Robert Stone and Oswald's Ghost, which includes an interview with the filmmaker where Stone voices more directly some of his thoughts on the assassination.

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