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Warren Commission Exhibit 399, the 'magic bullet' said to have caused 7 wounds in two men. It was found on a stretcher in Parkland Hospital.
Warren Commission Exhibit 399, the "magic bullet" said to have caused 7 wounds in two men. It was found on a stretcher in Parkland Hospital.

It might seem that the question of conspiracy could be easily laid to rest one way or another by a look at the evidence. How many bullets were fired, and from what weapons? Where were wounds inflicted? What did witnesses report seeing?

In the Kennedy assassination, this seemingly straightforward approach leads rapidly to a fascinating quicksand of contradictory physical evidence, conflicting witness accounts, credible allegations of evidence manipulation and witness tampering, and more. Close examination of the evidence remains obviously important, but has its own challenges in this case.

Dealey Plaza deals with who saw and heard what at the murder scene.

Medical Evidence examines the victims, their wounds, and the amazing maze of medical testimony and analysis.

Ballistics Evidence focuses on the guns, bullets, and shell casings.

Photos and Films looks at the photographs and films taken in Dealey Plaza.

Acoustics Evidence reviews the HSCA’s analysis of a sound recording of shots in Dealey Plaza.

Evidence Tampering? asks whether the physical evidence in this case has been tampered with.

The Case Against Oswald reviews the case for the lone assassin and its problems.

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