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Events and Stories

Crop of photo of Lee Harvey Oswald in the Soviet Union
Crop of photo of Lee Harvey Oswald in the Soviet Union, taken by tourists who apparently happened upon him. Oswald is at far right.
Commission Document 859c.

The JFK assassination is a vast topic, filled with strange characters, odd coincidences, and events whose meaning is open to debate. This set of Starting Points will give brief information on many of them along with links for further exploration.

Foreknowledge of the Assassination? - Examines the stories about persons who made statements prior to the assassination indicating foreknowledge of it.

Confessions - Looks at some of the confessions, both public and private, which certain individuals have made regarding the JFK assassination.

Oswald in Mexico City - Lee Harvey Oswald went to Mexico City in the fall of 1963, and/or was apparently impersonated there. Allegations of Communist conspiracy tied to that trip bloomed in the wake of JFK's murder.

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The Raleigh Call, by Dr. Grover B. Proctor, Jr.

Rose Cheramie: How She Predicted the JFK Assassination, by James DiEugenio.

The Bolton Ford Dealership Story, by Steve N. Bochan.

The Paine's Participation in the Minox Camera Charade, by Carol Hewitt.


Essays (cont.)

Tippit: After the Murder, by Bill Drenas.

Should We Believe Judyth Baker?, by John McAdams.

The Umbrella Man, by Ralph Schuster.

The Strange Allegations of Raymond Carnay, by Christopher Courtwright.

Overview: The CIA, the Drug Traffic, and Oswald in Mexico, by Peter Dale Scott.

More Mexico Mysteries, by Rex Bradford.

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