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Episode 11: Interview with Jefferson Morley

Recorded on: 9 Apr 2008

Jefferson Morley is National Editorial Director for the Center for Independent Media, the author of the new book Our Man in Mexico, and plaintiff in an ongoing lawsuit with the CIA over the records of George Joannides.

Episode 10: Interview with John Kelin

Recorded on: 4 Dec 2007

John Kelin is the creator of the Fair Play web-based JFK assassination journal,and is the author of Praise from a Future Generation, a unique book about the early critics of the Warren Commission.

Episode 9: Interview with Burton Hersh

Recorded on: 26 Oct 2007

Burton Hersh is the author of several books, most recently Bobby and J. Edgar, which retells the Kennedy saga with particular focus on the relationship between Attorney General Robert Kennedy and FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover.

Episode 8: Interview with Jefferson Morley and David Talbot

Recorded on: 18 Jul 2007

Washington Post Online writer Jefferson Morley and author David Talbot discuss their investigation into the BBC's allegation that three senior CIA officers were at the Ambassador Hotel the night Robert Kennedy were killed. This interview accompanies their article entitled The BBC's Flawed RFK Story, presented by the Mary Ferrell Foundation and including the first photographs of George Joannides ever published.

Episode 7: Interview with Larry Hancock

Recorded on: 30 May 2007

Larry Hancock is author of Someone Would Have Talked, which shatters the oft-repeated canard that no one did. In this interview, selected topics from the book and Larry's extensive research are discussed. Larry is also active in JFK Lancer and organizes the annual November in Dallas conference in Dallas.

Episode 6: Interview with David Talbot

Recorded on: 2 May 2007

David Talbot, founder of Salon.com and author of the new book Brothers: The Hidden History of the Kennedy Years, discusses Robert Kennedy's reaction to his brother's murder, the knowledge and suspicions of conspiracy held in elite circles, recent stories including the confession of Howard Hunt, and more.

Episode 5: Interview with Martin Schotz

Recorded on: 14 Dec 2006

Martin Schotz, author of History Will Not Absolve Us, discusses the "false mystery" around the murder of President Kennedy, core evidence which leads to the conclusion that it was a state crime, and the public denial surrounding the entire affair.

Episode 4: Interview with Don Thomas

Recorded on: 14 Jun 2006

Don Thomas, who in 2001 revived the debate about the House Select Committee's "acoustics evidence," discusses his work and what that evidence says about the gunfire in Dealey Plaza.

Episode 3: Interview with Josiah Thompson

Recorded on: 5 Apr 2006

Longtime expert and author Josiah Thompson (Six Seconds in Dallas) discusses the many mysteries of Commission Exhibit 399, the "magic bullet," and other aspects of the JFK case. See also Bedrock Evidence in the Kennedy Assassination, Thompson's new essay which forcefully argues for the authenticity of the Zapruder film.

Episode 2: Interview with Jefferson Morley and Jim Lesar

Recorded on: 22 Mar 2006

Washington Post Online writer Jefferson Morley and AARC President Jim Lesar discuss their lawsuit against the CIA, demanding records on George Joannides. In 1978 Joannides had been CIA liaison to the HSCA, but had not revealed his earlier role in the JFK case. Back in 1963, Joannides was case officer for the DRE, the Cuban exile groups with whom Oswald had multiple interactions that summer in New Orleans.

Episode 1: Interview with Joan Mellen

Recorded on: 22 Feb 2006

Joan Mellen discusses her book, A Farewell to Justice, and her views on Jim Garrison, his investigation and its suspects, and the government/media effort to discredit him.

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