Pike Committee Reports

The Pike Committee in the House of Representatives paralleled the Senate's Church Committee, but its more confrontational style with the CIA caused bitter fights, and in the end the House refused to accept the Committee's report, which was subsquently leaked to the Village Voice by Daniel Schorr and printed there. In this collection are the Committee's hearings volumes, along with an unpublished draft report on NSA electronic surveillance.

  1.U.S. Intelligence Agencies and Activities: Intelligence Costs and Fiscal Procedures - Hearings Before the Select Committee on Intelligence, Part 1
  2.U.S. Intelligence Agencies and Activities: Domestic Intelligence Programs-Hearings Before the Select Committee on Intelligence, Part 3
  3.U.S. Intelligence Agencies and Activities: Committee Proceedings-Proceedings of the Select Committee on Intelligence, Part 4
  4.Interception of International Telecommunications by the National Security Agency (draft report)

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